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  1. Wow I didn't know you could edit all of that to change in game, I basically just ran a modified config file to reduce the suppression. After I finished unlocking all of the attachments for the assault rifle I got bored and stopped playing. I might play a match or two and see the updates to the netcode.
  2. I haven't played much BF4 since before the Dragons Teeth DLC. Why is your crosshair red in the vid?
  3. Convince your mom that you are making an informed decision, then tell her why the Integra is better than the ones she listed. In the end it is your money, so it should be your decision.
  4. I actually just bought my first car a couple weeks ago, with a similar budget. Here is some stuff I learned during the process. My suggestion is to take your time in looking for a car, unless you need it very soon. Have a list or something with the types of cars that would fit what you need, then check local classifieds or car listing services for those cars in your price range. It might take a while to get a car, but in the end you will end up with more car for the money. I got real lucky with the car I got. Also you mentioned in the OP that you wanted an engine with d
  5. I usually associate free xp directly to gold. So whenever I'm considering using free xp on a lower tier vehicle I ask myself if I would spend gold on this vehicle. This is assuming your not rolling in gold. Or you could just imagine having to grind a stock tier 9.
  6. I have been lurking for a bit reading different threads/posts trying to improve my gameplay, and decided to make an account an get more involved. I may not be the best player but Im trying to improve.
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