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  1. So obviously I am sinking faster than a fifty-ton anchor. I should stop doing this I guess.
  2. When I played E50 there was no tier 10 meds, and I had to work with 220 AP penetration. So I don't think it was much of a stat padder back then. So your point is that trying to carrying tier 10 pubs it is too much out of my league to be really useful for skill improvement?
  3. Well personally I think it is not really a bad idea, since solopubbing 1000 games in my E-50 (and another 1000 games in my type 59 since I don't have prem account back then) is how I got blue in the first place. However, what do you suggest?
  4. So after 2 weeks of exclusive 140, 62A solopubbing, my stats look like utter, utter shit, like I can't even believe. I've not been able to hit 50% win rate any day, though I've just recently managed to stop my Wn8 rating from continuing its cliff-diving. Honestly when I used to be fairly competent was around a year ago, as I've basically been afk for a year and many parts of the game, especially the maps are not that familiar to me. However I'd expect that I should've at least gotten a working knowledge of them by now, so I am a bit disheartened that I can now suck so bad. So should
  5. Are you kidding me? I went up to the E-50 because that's what enabled me to conquer the US as Germany.
  6. Yeah with no other people directly in front of you to light you up it doesn't seem you can be lit at all, since the house protects you from spotting by the hill cruisers on the west side. But holy crap if I am able to sit there I have side shots to the entire hill. This is ridiculous. I've always wondered what is the best way to counter the north team going up the hill, this seems to be the best answer.
  7. The week of win rate cliff diving seem to be over

  8. I've tried the spot today in my 62A, and by god it was GLORIOUS. Thank you for enlightening me to his Valhalla of damage farming.
  9. Maybe it is because I've been afk for a year and my playstyle is still heavily influenced by the arty-rich meta back then?
  10. In a 140 in front of the land clicker, after taking a four digit damage HESH round. Honestly I hate it more than I hate clickers. Clickers usually leave you alone if you move round randomly. Land clicker does not care.
  11. I need to know how to deal with the deathstar. Edit: This land clicker.
  12. I have a feeling that speedy deployment is more crucial than early spots in mountain pass, especially since going down the bowl means you're basically stuck there the rest of the match. I feel that "early spots" should be when you're able to come back and influence the battle elsewhere if needed.
  13. Ah, my experience sucked because I was doing it from the south spawn.
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