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  1. As I understand it it is for each tank on tier 10, but you can only get it once even if you take first place on multiple tier 10 tank ladders.
  2. It is just 6 pages now, so I wouldnt call it a flood. I expect more from the red sea that surrounds us.
  3. So what do you think about the upcomming event: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/top_tankers_event/ For me it is nice change from endless marathons for retarded tanks. This is actually skill based, which I thought WG will never do. Inb4 pubbies flood forum with their tears...
  4. In the siege mode bino and camo net will apparently stay active even when turning/angling.
  5. CWs are dead, play tournaments instead for gold.
  6. You can push valley as long as there are no arties but you usually get locked down at the corner leading to enemy base by enemy camping TDs so I more often than not just wait around my base to shoot enemy tanks coming form the city as there is a fairly large open ground for them to cross. In my experience the push is almost never successful due to the enemy tanks coming back to their base to defend.
  7. Fair enough but the reasoning behind arty didnt change - prevents camping, contributes to dynamic gameplay and bullshit like that. What I ment was more like that option would effectively erase arty from the game and that is never going to happen, sorry for poor articulation. It remains to be seen what the global rebalance will do to arty but knowing WG I am really sceptical.
  8. I predict a bright future for you on the official forums While this would be welcomed by most players, its never ever going to happen. WG will never openly admit they made a mistake and this option would clearly state that.
  9. The WN8 difference heavily depends on the tank you choose to run. In you case T29 the difference will be much smaller than if you choose to run something like E100 or T69 just because these tanks have garbage standard ammo. IMO more interesting test would be something like E50 or M46 Patton as they are generally perceived as stat padding tanks.
  10. T-34-2 - 20 110 - 20 AMX AC 48 - 8 AMX 50 100 - 21+1=22 reasonably fast, large clip allows for interesting tactical plays and multiple killsteals secures in the late game :-) Rhm B WT - 20 Jagdpanther II - 26 Ferdinand - 20 VK 45.02A - 15 Tiger II - 22 Panther II - 14 Indien Panzer - 20 STA-1 - 20 O-Ho - 21 Centurion I - 8 AT-15 - 20 Caernarvon - 14 T69 - 21 T28 Prot - 8-3=5 so slow, unreliable armor, no fun to play at all Pershing - 23 T32 - 26 ISU-152 - 20 SU-101 - 20 Obj416 - 22 T-44 - 20 IS-3 - 30 KV-4 - 20 previous post eliminated TVP VTU
  11. They are worst because they slipped away from any kind of regulation, not because others are mortal. Even if all cells would be immortal cancer is still a problem because it interferes with the function of the whole organism. Immortality can be percieved as an ultimate adaptation, but it really depends heavily on how you define immortality. Our example with telomeres would not render you immune to diseases and trauma, so there is still a direction evolution can follow. In this case evolution would continue as long as we are procreating.
  12. I think immortality would give you mainly the potential to be a horrible person simply because of the boredom after couple hundred years where you went from normal->deviant->monstrous. At least the approach proposed by you would still give you the option to kill yourself when you had enough. Its the same with the cells of your body, the ones that acquired immortality are the worst ones (cancer).
  13. That would be worth so much more On a related note - Millions of people want to be immortal but don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
  14. I am slowly heading towards finishing my PhD. in molecular biology and genetics.
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