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  1. I don't have much sympathy for them. I spent some time arguing the same thing against pro-artillery glue eaters on their forums. They could have done something that significantly distinguished them from the idiotic developers at WG but instead the copied artillery's fundamental design, altered its stats, and claimed it was different and better. Never mind that it was still something that bombed you for moving up. I wish them success but they were pretty stupid. Doing the exact thing that WG failed at and expecting success is pretty stupid.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised. I think he's pretty active on the AW scene somewhere.
  3. I would love to but we need to spread this news to the players. It'll be more effective that way. It's still in alpha but a lot of players have left the PvP aspect of the game. PvE is still very active. I imagine they'll probably see a return of players but not sure how many.
  4. Seems like they are turning them into TDs for testing and if that doesn't work, they'll be removed. Either way, artillery in its present form is going away. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/balance-20-progression-changes Early on in our evaluation of Artillery for Balance 2.0 we made the hard decision to remove the class in its current form. The ability to deal indirect damage to an opponent who can neither see or retaliate was a mechanic that just didn’t work well with the rest of Armored Warfare. Even with our successful efforts to reduce the impact Artillery had on the battlefiel
  5. This full health Object 704 moron blew it against a one-shot Conway and M44 artillery. Even if he wanted to cap, he could have pushed up against the building rather than leaving his sorry ass exposed to get reset with seconds remaining.
  6. Got it to work with all of the mods. I can't say exactly how but it involved a lot of moving around mod files.
  7. I tried that (copying the contents of 0.9.14 into but the client is stuck in-garage with "Updating vehicles" and a spinning gear.
  8. Please mind my newbi-ness at this but I'm having an issue with the mod (I think). So I did a clean re-install of res_mods. Seemed to have fixed the platoon invite problem. I have another problem where I can't see the content of chat boxes with other people. I can see their name over to the right within the chat box but I can't type nor can I see the prior chat text. I think I need to do a clean re-install of the 'res' folder. I copied out the current content (20GBs, mostly from the 'packages' folder) and left only the 'audio' folder from Sela's mod in there. Game didn't launch until
  9. I played the game back in late 2015 and was disappointed that they took an amazing opportunity to implement an original version of artillery and literally threw it on the ground and took a shit on it. Copied the same disgusting mechanic from WoT and tweaked it up a bit. In many cases, it's worse than WoT's artillery in that you could be bombed repeatedly and reliably every 15 seconds or less. Faster RoF and better accuracy are hell despite an alpha reduction. Fortunately I spent $0 on AW and I haven't spent any money on WoT for 3 years now. I don't feel these dogshit artillery mechan
  10. Having an issue but not sure if it's related to this modpack or not. I had two people on my contact list that were waiting for my platoon invites. Despite sending them repeatedly, they said they never see the invites. They had to invite me instead which worked. Then I send an invite to a clan member and he sees it and is able to join. Seems like there's an issue with the contact list but not the clan member list portion. Sela's mod is the only mod pack that I have installed. Anyone else have this issue? EDIT: Seems like a clean re-install of res_mods may have fixed thi
  11. Gents, thanks for the offers. I was picked up by PBKAC last night. Good luck to you all in Campaign 4. Hope to see you around!
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