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  1. Best meds in the game!
  2. Doing 10.000 damage like a BAUS! :3
  3. Here are my thoughts on it, what are yours? Hope you like it!
  4. Finally broke the 10k mark! I am happy as I can be! Thoughts?
  5. New video folks, hope you like it! :)
  6. The baddest tank of them all!
  7. The FCM 50t will be removed from sale in the next few patches, so get one while it's hot!
  8. Some great platoon work, hope it help improve your workings as a platoon. Will try to put more videos like this one.
  9. A review of the hardest light to master. A review of the hardest light to master.
  10. Something Japanese!
  11. Something of a lower caliber!
  12. Been away, new review!
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