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  1. I think I can modify my script to include this quite easily. My only concern is that it will take ages to process a lot of replays while waiting on the response from XVM. It takes about 3-5 mins to process ~6k replays as it is.
  2. Ok, I have a linux and windows version uploaded for testing. I updated the first post with everything you will need to use it
  3. I updated the first post with everything needed I think my script is officially ready for some testers. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qeufzbwyelnsxo/getvalues.py?dl=0 The only issue I can see is running in to tanks where the names don't match what is in tanks.json. I have over 6000 replays so I'm fairly sure I ran in to all the tanks at some point except maybe some low tier stuff. The output on this version is: Results: Fair fight and won 1812 Fair fight but lost 1110 You got screwed but won 534 You got screwed and lost 408 You got lucky and won 649 You got lucky but lost 273
  4. Well, the results are in! They were as expected, but maybe not as bad as expcted. I am very interested to see others results! Results: Fair fight and won 1806 Fair fight but lost 1108 You got screwed but won 534 You got screwed and lost 406 You got lucky and won 647 You got lucky but lost 271 Fair fight but no results 593 You got screwed but no results 220 You got lucky but no results 215 You were top tier 2757 You were not top tier 3040 Errors 32 Here are the files you will need: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qeufzbwyelnsxo/getvalues.py?dl=0 <- run this script to proces
  5. I was kind of sceptical, but I did it! I'm copying all 5.4GB of replays to my server and once that is done I'll post results and code.
  6. I'm not sure how that helps me. I'm having some luck with subprocess, I think that may be the key to processing all replays. I'm not quite sure how to handle this: I'm using tanks.json to pull the tier with this function def get_tier(vehicle): jsonfile = open('tanks.json', 'r') jsonlines = jsonfile.read() vehicle = vehicle.split(':', 1)[-1] for line in jsonlines.splitlines(): if vehicle in line: tier_line = line.split('"tier": ', 1)[-1] tier_line = tier_line.split(',', 1)[0] return tier_line The problem is "IS" is
  7. I got the reading of a single file complete, anyone know how I can easily run this code on all replays in a directory? If I am defeated in this project this will be the cause. Here is some sample output: Player lost, team 2 Tier 10 top tier Team 1 had 6 tier 10's and Team 2 had 5 tier 10's Team 1 had 5 tier 9's and Team 2 had 7 tier 9's Team 1 had 4 tier 8's and Team 2 had 3 tier 8's You got screwed If anyone wants to help I can post the code I have so far.
  8. I'm getting closer... I can print out if the player won, what tanks are on which team, and what tier they are. Need to work on determining top tier and counting tiers per team then just need to figure out how to read all replays in 1 go.
  9. Well last night I was able to get some code together to pull playerID, which team won, and which team the player was on so I can tell if the match was a win or not. Working on extracting tank names and assigning vehicle tiers now.
  10. I did not know about that, it will most definitely make my life a lot easier! Maybe I'll play some arty while I code this up :3
  11. I've managed to tell that they are using JSON in the beginning of the replays, so extracting data should be pretty easy. I've split the 1 line JSON in to a very readable multi-line files here and here (these are just random replay files I downloaded from wotreplays) using JSONlint http://pro.jsonlint.com/. You can open in notepad++ to highlight open and close brackets for even easier reading. Anyway, there appears to be a few values I have interest in. The "vehicles" value is some sort of (randomly?) generated value, possibly a queue ID? It almost seems auto incremented but then it
  12. If you (or anyone) don't feel comfortable running the script you can always zip and dropbox your replays to me and I can run it here. Always be wary of internet scripts! I should add I'm not a great programmer so it will take me some time to do this if I even get it sorted out at all.
  13. Thanks! I sent him a PM too, if he gets email alerts he should see it.
  14. According to the wiki it's 25% for top tiers, which seems huge to me, and unconfirmed 10% total. I could have sworn I read somewhere that MM was coded to create matches with top tiers as close to equal as possible... Can't seem to find it now. I'll try to contact Treeburst to see what he came up with so far, seems like we have very similar goals. Special Restrictions The number of the same vehicle on opposing teams cannot differ by more than 1, except when the vehicles are in a platoon. Previously, the number of SPGs in opposing teams could never differ by more than 1. While this is
  15. Yes, these things are not really relevant tbh. I'm interested in the outcome, I already know that MM is quite messed up.
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