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  1. coming for dat arty booty. Having a low-skill gunner makes me wish I got more out of the polar bear event.
  2. With the dmx 48 how closely would you recommend staying with the team? I probably played far too aggressively the first time I went through it, but hitting ranged targets isn't exactly ideal with the 120mm either.
  3. rip me I cri everytim Jin-Roh is good stuff It's much less about the characters than the message that's conveyed through them. Characterization was mostly functional (Oshii usually doesn't pull anything fancy). I don't think that's a fault–instead of the character fleshing out the setting, the setting speaks for itself and its cast reacts accordingly.
  4. tl;dr he broke the Chieftain Corollary. u can sling shit about tanks but never do it in front of chief
  5. Well, DD aside you have: In terms of pacing I'd say BB gameplay prioritizes deliberate planning. It's all about positioning for the critical knockout punch before moving on, erstwhile mitigating the chance of a knockout blow on yourself. Often this entails tanking the heat, which BBs are well-suited to handle. CA gameplay is more flexible, either being spammy sprayers you see in FPSs or pocket versions of their BB counterparts. And then CA gameplay diverges further, depending on torp payload and extent of AA armament. I can't comment on CV gameplay however.
  6. (Should this thread be moved to Tanks Media or does it suffice to leave it here?)
  7. Snap-shotted through the turret no problem totally outplayed.
  8. The real question is whether we're discussing SirFoch as a player or as an entertainer. For the most part doesn't seem to be his personal ability, though his position on gold ammo is up to debate. A consensus appears to have been reached here. As an entertainer, well, subjectivity is the name of the game, but not all opinions are created equal. And to this point criticism levied at SirFoch as an entertainer has been one-note. Charitably speaking.
  9. Like certain U.S politicians, Foch is a populist. The difference is, he informs as he entertains, a balance that QB and Jingles both lack. Admittedly Foch won't be as popular an entertainer as either two given that his presentation will always cater to a niche. He's either a caricature or a sperglord, and that distinction can change the flavor of his commentary very quickly. Doesn't seem like a tightrope Foch fully grasps. As for the sprem aggro Foch seems to induce, I take it that some people have to identify wholeheartedly with a content creator's beliefs if they are to appreciate
  10. I feel compelled to comment on the first three.
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