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  1. I concur with everyone else: these changes don't address what's wrong with the line. Alternating clips between the dirt and ricochets isn't super fun. Reigning in the RNG with gun handling and a bit of HEAT pen would work wonders. Throw in an intra-clip buff and I'd be a happy camper. Also, it has been a while and there are more superheavies now, but I really liked playing through the Emil I. It's the tier 9 and especially the 10 that need adjustment. I do like the idea of trying to make them more unique by deviating from the usual recipe of 4x400, but doing that without dealing with the gun stats that are actually problematic won't make the high tiers desirable.
  2. Precisely. After I played my first match in this thing I played all my matches in it for a couple days. It just kept making me laugh. You can get 5k damage by firing only 3 shots in a lucky game. I don't know that it's good for the health of the game, but it does put a smile on my face from time to time.
  3. How do you defend B if you spawn in B? That's the starting zone that gives me trouble. I've resorted to defending one of the other zones when I spawn in B because I'm more useful that way.
  4. Weird. Maybe you just got Wargaminged.
  5. This is what I've been doing. (Hey, I need arty for personal missions, okay?) If the enemies play hide and seek it gets harder to farm, but if the enemy is capping and your team fires on them you can rank up ridiculously fast. The easiest cap to farm on defense is A, where I once ranked up something like 4 times in a single minute because the enemy was aggressive and my team was smart enough to shoot the tanks that were capping instead of the tanks that were not capping. Fastest General I've gotten.
  6. Probably a problem with the copy-paste from the forum. I've had problems with the codes even though they look right, then pasted into the address bar to get plain text with no invisible formatting, then re-copied, then had it work.
  7. On the picture below, if the circle around C is a clock, is the rock you're referring to the outcropping at about 10 o' clock?
  8. Maybe the next season of CW will have a reward SPG.
  9. Frontlines messes up communications. I have chat turned off completely, but this setting apparently does not affect Frontlines, so I get to hear all about my racial heritage and cancer prognosis. And in the post-game panel, right-clicking player names does nothing. 

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    2. Tarski


      This whole patch seems to have messed up chat features. Someone was able to message me for the first time in years even though I've turned off messages from strangers. 

    3. BedakCoa


      Same thing as option to see tank that killed you... I play without that option for like 3years I guess, but in Boringlines its enabled by default.:rabble:

    4. Tarski


      @BedakCoa Oh yeah, I noticed that happening to. Speaking of which, since at least as far back as patch 1.3 I also have issues with the death camera in random battles. The camera doesn't jump to the tank that killed me, but it does rotate when I die, which is annoying if I die to an unspotted tank and want to read the incoming hit direction marker. 

  10. Is that what the kids are calling large caliber HE these days?
  11. Tarski

    50TP prototyp thread

    Right you are. Fixed. I tend to be stingy with food, but I might give it a try to see if I can recapture some more of that 53TP magic.
  12. Tarski


    Oh, I'll pick up the 430 at some point. I even have a female commander trained for it. Interestingly, the WZ-120 (49.82%) does not have the worst global win rate of the tier 9 mediums. It takes 3rd place after the PTA (48.93%) and AP (49.49%). The latter I understand, since I still haven't figured out how not to be trash in the AP.
  13. The 50TP prototyp is the premium cousin to the tech tree 53TP Markowskiego (see the appreciation thread). It uses a slightly higher alpha gun (440 vs. 420), but with worse stats all around: about 130 less dpm, 0.02-0.05 worse bloom and accuracy stats (except the bloom after firing stat), and 0.29 seconds slower aim time. It keeps the same 8 degrees of gun depression and gets 10 degrees over the sides, which affects how you play the tank on slopes, but the turret is now located in the middle of the hull instead of the front, which makes the frontal depression less usable: Weirdly, it gets faster shells. If tanks.gg is to be believed, it gets 57 m/s faster AP, 109 m/s faster APCR, and 207 m/s faster HE — in fact, it gets the same shell velocity for its AP and HE shells. Its mobility is roughly on the same level as that of its tech tree cousin, with various stats going up and down, including higher horsepower/ton, a lower top speed, and faster spins. It gets a similar turret but with the weak spots shaved down considerably, and while it replaces the 53TP's rounded lower plate which ranges from ~180mm effective to autobounce with a large lower plate at ~170mm effective armor, it gets a couple serious boosts to its hull protection: the upper plate is similar to that of the Defender except with a driver's hatch weak spot with ~220mm protection, and the tracks are taller and wider and extend forward of the hitbox. This gives it better side protection and allows for some shot absorption when rounding corners or wiggling. But don't expect to be a great sidescraper, since the slope of the pike extends above the tracks and gives you a nice weak spot under the turret while sidescraping. Your armor is not quite reliable in almost any position. You will bounce some shots every game, but not as many as you want to. Oh, and it gets 10m more view range, 50 more hit points, and an AP shell that's 150 credits cheaper. Overall, it is a clumsier, better protected version of the 53TP. And while the firepower is worse — and the APCR round is still unimpressive — it still gets a comfier gun than the other tier 8 heavies with more than 400 average damage. The armor, while improved, is still riddled with weak spots, and I would rather have the friendlier gun stats of the 53TP. Still, it's a decent tank with great alpha and pretty good DPM, and I'm happy with it as my Polish premium. If you just want a strong tier 8 premium heavy, get one of the classics, but if you want something new or Polish, this certainly isn't a disappointment. Watch the 50TP "autocorrect will never believe there's no E" prototyp in action: Okay, for real though: Anyone else enjoying this tank?
  14. 9th NA scavenger hunt code: KMAPJME7

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