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  1. Tarski

    UDES 14 5

    The shell velocity on the tier 8 is 20% faster than on the tier 9 (top gun vs. top gun). That might help. The other difference is that the tier 8 trades ~3% worse accuracy to get ~5% better aim time.
  2. I imagine it's even more painful these days than when I played it. It was uncomfortable before the armor, alpha, and pen creep. Now it must seem positively Chinese.
  3. A cautionary tale about Chai sniping: Radley-Walters's medal and 4900 damage yielded 2nd class. 

    1. Wanderjar


      no self spotting means you share 50% of the exp with the spotter. 

    2. Tarski


      Yeah, but I felt so safe while doing it!

    3. hazzgar


      What kind of tanks you shoot kinda matter too. 


      Also tier. 

  4. Tarski

    M56 Scorpion Review

    WGNA did as well. I was surprised. It seems like a fun little TD to play with.
  5. Overmatching Obj 703 II (122) roofs with 105mm guns is pretty fun. Great target for the Mutant. 

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    2. Tarski


      I was overmatching the rear panel of the roof, the one with the hatches in it. If I hit anywhere on that surface my shell went in every time. 

    3. Strigonx


      center of the gun mantlet is 220mm flat too

    4. hall0


      Only the back part is 30mm. Rest of the roof is 50mm



  6. Tarski

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    And it was only 5k gold in the advent calendar. With eight memes in the magazine that's only 625 gold per meme.
  7. Purchased this and threw in a Christmas crew so I could keep the Standard B with a good crew. It feels much less agile (18.75 power/weight) than the Standard B (21.75 power/weight), although I haven't gone back and forth between them to get more than a feeling about the difference. I'm pretty bad with paper tanks lately but it's fun to play with a 4 round auto-reloading gun.
  8. I'm going to repurchase this tank, and my greatest regret besides being permabad about the tier 9 American TDs is that I loaded a lot of AP for no good reason. Looking forward to experiencing buffed mobility + better shells.
  9. Tarski


    This tank is surprisingly...fine. The gun is bad for a tier 9 medium, but the alpha is a bit of a bonus and shots seem to land more often than they should. I won't be keeping it but it hasn't made me suffer.
  10. The 432 was a pleasant surprise, I grabbed it for gold right away.
  11. "Next year, we plan to release at least two new branches of different nations. One of them, most likely, will be a branch of heavy Italian tanks....there is no doubt that the new Italian heavy tanks will have familiar firing mechanics and will continue the tradition of the menacing medium tanks of this nation."

    This could be fun. 

    1. sohojacques


      Yeah, it could. Please don’t fuck it up WG.

  12. Heading into the holiday event, I have 7 tier 10s and 6 tier 9s unlocked but unbought. Looking forward to shrinking that list more easily with the boosted credit earnings. 

    1. echo9835


      To bad they got rid of the discounts. :/

    2. Tarski


      Yeah, there are some good changes this year and some bad ones. I'll miss the discounts and I'll miss having only 1 decoration set to complete for a full +credit bonus. And tying the vehicle slot bonuses to the class of the vehicle is annoying and seems like an idea that got rushed out the door before they could set up a better mechanic. 

  13. Tarski

    Removed Maps

    Yes, seizing the low ground may seem like a bad tactic on its face. And yes, ensuring my Maus takes half the length of the average game to even have a target to shoot may seem like a waste of DPM. And yes, it takes me about 2 minutes to get back to the high ground after winning the good ol' beach. But what you don't understand is that one time last year I saw a team go beach and then win soundly by flanking the enemy team and getting on cap, and I'm sure if I keep trying enough times I can make that happen again. Also the sound of the waves is calming.
  14. Patch 1.7 looks pretty light on content. Now would be a great time for WG to finally buff the WZ-120. 

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    2. Tarski


      While I'm writing my wishlist, I'm still waiting on the 2019 rebalance of the E-100 and IS-4

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      1.7 was supposed to also introduce the double barreled tanks, but WG couldn't get them ready in time so they were delayed 

    4. hazzgar


      @Deus__Ex__Machina yeah I already have 55k exp on Kv3 for that reason and I will have to wait for ages because they had to focus on lootbox prems.

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