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  1. So NA and EU have a new bond-earning event starting this weekend. You can earn 250 bonds per day if you play for an hour or so. This will be interesting. 

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    2. NightmareMk9


      Watch the Bonds run out on Day 3

    3. Haswell


      It's funny how the game went from pay2win, to pay2grindless, to pay2grindless2win.

      Credit cost for grinding bonds (in T10 matches) notwithstanding, how many people actually had enough bonds for whatever you could use them for? @CraBeatOff and a few others are the only ones I remember having all the good stuff, barely a dent in the population.

      Speculation: too few people are using bond-only bling because bonds are favored towards grinders, so WG decided it's time to shit bonds out to make them less artificially scarce.

    4. hiipanda


      What are we supposed to do during the first stage?

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