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  1. Ever wonder how badly WGNA is doing? 


    Sadly there will not be a formal January Preview on our news portal this month. In the mean time I have found some Fun Facts to share with everyone concerning some of the things to look forward to in January. 


    Maybe it's time for them to start hiring overseas assistants from developing countries. Or just give more than one person authorization to post to the news portal.

    Not to mention that WGNA keeps repeating On Track events with bizarre frequency, hasn't had consumable or equipment sales since the summer and had no discounts on any credit price over the holidays, copied and pasted one of December's weekend events to another weekend in December when they realized they didn't have anything planned, and has been posting announcements later and later after the start of the events they announce. The guy they have doing the weekly community news videos has on at least one occasion used the video as a platform to complain about his job at WGNA. 

    1. monjardin


      Do you have a link to the job complaint?

    2. Tarski


      The first 24 seconds of that video are what I had in mind. Not what I think of as standard humor, but then again I haven't watched many of their videos. 

    3. monjardin
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