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  1. The SU-101 gets the same hit point pool as the SU-130PM and a gun with less alpha, DPM, accuracy, and gun depression. In exchange it gets...some armor that sometimes works? Can't wait for Frontline. 

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    2. lavawing


      Compare it to the Chinese 122-44 and you're realise how absurd it is

    3. Tarski
    4. lavawing


      I meant 120 vs 101. There's almost no reason to take the 101 except bloom (which gets cancelled out by shitty accuracy anyway) and the fact it leads up to an OP line.

      IMO 130 PM is worse for the game than either tank in the sense that while it farms a lot and wins some, it causes cancer gameplay on par with what the Swedish wedges do, except it's got way  more alpha so you end up with games where you do everything right early to mid game and just deleted in 2 seconds when the field clears out.

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