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  1. The SU-101 gets the same hit point pool as the SU-130PM and a gun with less alpha, DPM, accuracy, and gun depression. In exchange it gets...some armor that sometimes works? Can't wait for Frontline. 

    1. Tarski


      Trying to get first win of the day to keep the grind moving. Whole team goes to one side, but decides to leave the herd and go suicide 1 tank at a time. A perfectly choreographed death march. Farmed some good damage and turned the 1v6 into a 1v3 but eventually died to arty. Next game, top tier. Woohoo! The other tier 8s decide to start the game by killing each other. Everyone else camped the spawn except for the sui-scout. Next game, top tier again. This time the other tier 8s are afk...

      This is not going well. 

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