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  1. Frontlines messes up communications. I have chat turned off completely, but this setting apparently does not affect Frontlines, so I get to hear all about my racial heritage and cancer prognosis. And in the post-game panel, right-clicking player names does nothing. 

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    2. Tarski


      This whole patch seems to have messed up chat features. Someone was able to message me for the first time in years even though I've turned off messages from strangers. 

    3. BedakCoa


      Same thing as option to see tank that killed you... I play without that option for like 3years I guess, but in Boringlines its enabled by default.:rabble:

    4. Tarski


      @BedakCoa Oh yeah, I noticed that happening to. Speaking of which, since at least as far back as patch 1.3 I also have issues with the death camera in random battles. The camera doesn't jump to the tank that killed me, but it does rotate when I die, which is annoying if I die to an unspotted tank and want to read the incoming hit direction marker. 

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