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  1. Frontlines progress does seem much faster this time around. 

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    2. Balthazars


      5 hours ago, Snoregasm2 said:

      @Balthazars, yeah, but the equivalent with 30 levels would be to get to rank 7, whereas you just said before you got to rank 4 in the last FL, so that goes to show how much faster it is right?

      LOL, are there fewer levels this time around? Shows how much attention I've been paying...yeah, that makes sense.

    3. j_galt


      Still feels like a grind...

    4. Snoregasm2


      I managed to do it in basically 2 nights after work. Only played one game yesterday to get to level 15, then did the 3 daily missions to get the 75 bonds (they feel like a grind due to the RNG of getting 2k blocking).

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