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  1. The latest WoT patch (or one of the latest couple, I wasn't playing regularly) completely nerfed my framerate. Ever since 1.0 I've been able to run the new graphics on highest settings with fps consistently above 90 on my old GPU. Now my framerate swings up and down rapidly between about 130 and about 20, spending most of its time at the lower end. I've tried taking the graphics settings way down and all that does is change the upper end of the FPS range, not the lower end. Turning off all effects and all post processing and using lowest settings on most sliders just means my framerate swings between 240 and 20. Sigh. 

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    2. Tarski


      Just one screen (laptop), was bad on an old GPU driver and about equally bad on the latest driver. Not sure what else to try on my end. 

    3. Balthazars


      On my older PC running an old GPU one WoT patch just killed the GPU entirely, as in constant crashes and error messages. Old driver, nope. New driver, nope (nVidia card).

    4. Tarski


      Ha! I think the problem may have had something to do with all of the dust bunnies I just extracted from the fans in my laptop. It seems my GPU was thermal throttling due to poor cooling. With the dust out, I'm running almost 40 degrees centigrade cooler and my framerate is more stable. (Sadly I have had lag spikes since the patch went out that weren't there before, but hey, my processors aren't melting.)

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