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  1. Brought out the 5A for the first time. 3 losses to start out. 4th game: 6 allies afk. 

    1. sohojacques


      6 afk... should be a badge for that.

    2. hazzgar


      Had similar luck with 1114. Played as agressively as my t-10. Had 2600 dpg. 50% wr for first 30-40 battles

  2. This is what I've been worried about, and why I was surprised when they decided to actually introduce wheeled vehicles to WoT. I used to imagine they'd save them for another game. Vehicles that move this fast break the fundamental pace of this game. They don't belong. I'm kind of hoping this will be true. Otherwise it seems like some of these vehicles will be cancer.
  3. Tarski


    But I have a premium account, so I can buy it sooner than the plebs! If I had one, per your post from three years ago I'd probably load lots of HE. But if I were going to do that, I could just play a tech tree tank destroyer with better HE shells.
  4. EDIT: Common test is up now, English notes are here. The numbers reportedly cost 50 gold and can be sold for 10,000 credits. Some sequences, like 911 and 666, are prohibited. There are also some new camouflage patterns in the 1.4 test. These include a new camo for the unreleased M41D "Chinese Bulldog"... ...and also an Australian camo with summer, desert, and winter variants. Perhaps they will be bundled into a custom style? It also looks like they might have a new version of Premium Account coming in 1.4.
  5. Tarski

    Standard B is ... balanced?

    That's fair. I usually have some free exp saved for tier 9 stock grinds, so I never experienced it.
  6. I'm just happy that they're adding another map to the rotation. Lost City = the reworked version of the old Ghost Town map. For me, the rework doesn't have to be particularly good for the increase in map diversity to be a good thing.
  7. Thousands of battles over more than 7 years, and still a sub-40% win rate? The worst player on one of the worst teams I've had in ages. I am in awe.
  8. Courtesy of WOT Express and Google Translate, with some corrections to the resulting English. Main The tasks of the second operation of the Second Front campaign are rebalanced. Added support for multi-threaded display of all graphics of the game, which will increase performance due to more uniform loading of all available cores of the CPU. Some players will notice a noticeable increase in FPS (frame rate per second). Increased performance will be especially noticeable on the most modern and powerful PCs, as well as on computers of average performance. Work on the speed of the in-game store. Changes to wheeled vehicles Fixed a number of problems in the work of wheel equipment. Optimized motion physics settings. Balance changes made. New appearance customization Added a new type of appearance elements - tactical numbers (three-digit numbers with the ability to manually enter and select the font). Changes to maps Arrivals to hard-to-reach / non-playing places on all maps are closed. Fixed errors on the following maps: Karelia Live Oaks Lakeville Cliff Murovanka El Halluf Airfield Steppes Minsk Empire's Border Klondike Nebelburg Abbey On the Empire's Border map, the Assault mode is disabled. The “Lost City” map has been added for random battles (including assault and encounter), as well as for the “Attack / Defense” type of team battles. A deep processing of the map for these modes and types of battles was performed. An tier IV – X battle will appear on the map. Changes to vehicle parameters UK Chimera Dispersion from moving the tank is reduced by 17%. Dispersion from turning the chassis is reduced by 17%. Accuracy changed from 0.38 m to 0.36 m per 100 m. The aiming time was changed from 2.7 to 2.5 s. View range changed from 360 m to 380 m. Projectile flight speed AP Mk. 1 increased by 30%. Projectile flight speed APDS Mk. 1 increased by 20%. AP Penetration Mk. 1 changed from 202 to 218 mm. USSR Obj 279(e) Accuracy changed from 0.38 to 0.36 m per 100 m. Dispersion on turret rotation is reduced by 25%. The aiming time is changed from 2.5 to 2.3 s. Reinforced the armor on the bottom of the hull. France Added technology branch with wheel propulsion. The branch takes its start from the ELC AMX bis tank. Tier VI: Panhard AMD 178B. Tier VII: Hotchkiss EBR. Tier VIII: Panhard AML Lynx 6x6. Tier IX: Panhard EBR 90. Tier X: Panhard EBR 105. Sweden Added Lansen C car (for testing with supertesters). The experience requirements for the wheeled vehicles are as follows: Tier 6 transition from AMX ELC bis to (Panhard AMD 178B) = 32,030 ex. (well, as we talked about). With the engine coming. Shown here is the cost of only the tank. From this moment we begin to count the experience up to 10. Tier 7 (Hotchkiss EBR) = 61,800 exp. Tier 8 (Panhard AML Lynx 6x6) = 104,400 exp. Tier 9 (Panhard EBR 90) = 191,800 exp. Tier 10 (Panhard EBR 105) = 230,000 exp. Total: 740,630 exp. (the whole branch is completely direct, starting with the research of the 6th tier). And to get directly to this transition from level 1, you will need (you didn’t have a Christmas tree or what?): 24,215 exp.
  9. Tarski

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    @MagicalFlyingFox Yeah, I think the author of that armor screenshot meant to use the color coded model.
  10. Tarski

    50TP Tyszkiewicza thread

    Let's give this tank a thread. I've been enjoying mine, though I'm doing badly in it. Refer, of course, to @leggasiini's thread on the Polish heavy line, where you will learn among other things that you can skip some of the modules if you feel like it. The turret is nice but has two weak spots to worry about. The side armor is decent and the tracks are large, but the angled shoulders mean you won't be doing much sidescraping. The shoulders are very weak through a range of angles, which has led to me taking damage from tier 7 tanks from whom I thought I was safe. At least you can bait some non-damaging shots with the large forward drive wheels. The front hull is pretty strong, but the lower plate and driver's hatch are large. DPM for tier 9 heavy tanks ranges from about 1800 (Type 4 with the 14 cm gun) to 2200 (Obj 705 with the 122 mm gun), and the 50TP sits comfortably at 2100. Tier 9 heavies have standard round penetration ranging from 242 mm to 259 mm, and the 50TP gets 250 mm. Meanwhile the 50TP's 560 alpha is second only to the Type 4's 14 cm gun. The downside is that its premium round has the same penetration as that of the Obj 705: 303 mm. That's not far off from a lot of its peers, but isn't great. The gun depression is 8 degrees, which places it in the middle of the pack for its tier and class. The gun handling is fairly bad. The shell velocity is...fine. Overall, the gun is the probably the highlight of the tank. Like the Emil II, AMX M4 51, ST-I, and Obj 705, the 50TP gets 380 meters of view range, which is worst among tier 9 heavies. Here are some gameplay videos. skill4ltu straik _Marine Circonflexes
  11. Tarski

    December 2018 Map Elimination

    Abbey - 9 Airfield - 9 Cliff - 15 El Halluf - 17+1 = 18. As others have noted, the main brawl can get a little cramped, but it remains one of the solid maps that I typically enjoy playing. Ensk - 12 Erlenberg - 10 Fjords - 12 Glacier - 10 Himmelsdorf - 15 Karelia - 16 Lakeville - 15 Live Oaks - 6 Malinovka - 16 Mannerheim Line - 6-3 = 3. The north spawn can scare the south spawn from deploying to the south flank, and most players have never figured out what to do about this. The map seems designed to encourage camping in precisely the areas where camping is the least useful for most of the battle. Minsk - 15-3 = 12. There are plans to rework this map. In terms of the newer city maps, it's loads better than Paris, but I'm still not a fan. There are invisible TDs in the bases and the west flank can't easily push because there will be invisible tanks sniping from the middle near the river when you cross. Pushing in either brawl zone quickly isolates you from allied support, so if you can't get people to join you in aggressive play then it seems unworkable. South spawn sometimes loses a tank early on to drowning. Murovanka - 21 Overlord - 13 Pilsen - 3 Prokhorovka - 21 Province - 13 Redshire - 19 Ruinberg - 15 Sand River - 16 Serene Coast - 15 Steppes - 19 Tundra - 12 Westfield - 17 Widepark - 15 
  12. Tarski

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    I'd happily let WG entirely remove the guns from my favorite premium tanks if they would fix the imbalanced and campy maps and return (adjusted) old ones and add new ones until we had 10-15 more maps.
  13. Any chance you'll be uploading replays again now that you're back?
  14. Tarski

    Standard B is ... balanced?

    This tank is delightful.