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  1. "Based on these preliminary statistics and your feedback, we can say that the redesigned mechanics accomplish our goals and do not cause serious technical or design issues."

    —WG regarding the HE changes

    1. crapcannon


      In other words, suck it. We do what we want.

    2. echo9835


      I couldn't give them my feedback

    3. Assassin7


      They accomplish the goal of making derp guns and 183s worse. So yay, I guess?

  2. Stalingrad was my favorite city map, I'd happily take it back in its original state. Maybe we could trade Ensk for it? I miss South Coast too.
  3. I am a shining example of a BKAC problem and one can never have enough cute icons.
  4. Well, the main takeaway for me from this guide was that going hull down in the M3 Lee limits use of the 75mm gun.
  5. In February, 78 years after this guide was printed, I was at the NY public library learning tank tactics. Since current circumstances prevent y'all from making the same pilgrimage, I am posting these pearls of wisdom here.
  6. There are plenty of tank lines they could introduce to the game that would be fun additions without needing a gimmick. I think people would play tanks that were cosmetically weird or cool, were similar to things they already liked but a bit different so they have more flavors to pick, or just added more vehicles to a nation they're interested in playing. Swiss heavies would look cool, Swiss mediums would be a new flavor of NATO style medium, they could add more British vehicles easily, or add Japanese tank destroyers, or add a branch of single shot Italian medium Patton clones even. (Als
  7. I agree, but that camo also belongs on the FV4005 and, if I feel like being more ironic, the Manticore.
  8. This one looks really great when the sun catches it in game. It's the opposite of camo, but it can be quite lovely.
  9. This tank is pretty fun, and not just because it looks stupid and adorable. The gun handles fairly well, can generally point where you want it to, and seems to pump out damage pretty well for a tier 6 vehicle.
  10. Anyone still having fun with this thing?
  11. Its flat sides do a good job of displaying the Sakura Blossom Camo.
  12. Obviously first ban is Paris. Second ban I've rotated around a bit to block whatever other map is pissing me off the most at the time. For a while now it has been Ghost Town, but it has also been Minsk, Ensk, Pilsen, Studzianki, Airfield, and Mountain Pass at different times.
  13. I don't often get Radley Walters medals, so this was fun. 


  14. At least they nerfed the turret armor in the HD update.
  15. Yeah, I'm gonna plan to skip this tank if it goes into the game in this state. Looks like the devs forgot that tier 8 is where you make the tank painful to grind. Every 9 seconds you can miss a shot, if you manage to get into a position where you can take the shot.
  16. I really liked this tank. The gun misses more than I'd like, but the armor bounces more than I'd expect. The 390 alpha damage is so nice to have and the pen is high enough I seldom switched to premium shells. My second to last battle before selling it to move to the tier X was a particularly fun loss:
  17. If I were guessing, I would have ranked the lights as in the picture except with the Manticore down between the Sheridan and the Rolloverwagen. Then again, the sample for the Manticore here is smaller.
  18. 150 boxen, every style and tank within the first 78 and no duplicate styles or tier 8 tanks thereafter. About 100 days of premium time, about 57k gold, and about 9 million credits.
  19. The latest WoT patch (or one of the latest couple, I wasn't playing regularly) completely nerfed my framerate. Ever since 1.0 I've been able to run the new graphics on highest settings with fps consistently above 90 on my old GPU. Now my framerate swings up and down rapidly between about 130 and about 20, spending most of its time at the lower end. I've tried taking the graphics settings way down and all that does is change the upper end of the FPS range, not the lower end. Turning off all effects and all post processing and using lowest settings on most sliders just means my framerate swings between 240 and 20. Sigh. 

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    2. Tarski


      Just one screen (laptop), was bad on an old GPU driver and about equally bad on the latest driver. Not sure what else to try on my end. 

    3. Balthazars


      On my older PC running an old GPU one WoT patch just killed the GPU entirely, as in constant crashes and error messages. Old driver, nope. New driver, nope (nVidia card).

    4. Tarski


      Ha! I think the problem may have had something to do with all of the dust bunnies I just extracted from the fans in my laptop. It seems my GPU was thermal throttling due to poor cooling. With the dust out, I'm running almost 40 degrees centigrade cooler and my framerate is more stable. (Sadly I have had lag spikes since the patch went out that weren't there before, but hey, my processors aren't melting.)

  20. Wheeled vehicles are going to be easier to stop? That's some of the best WoT news I've heard in ages.
  21. Frontlines progress does seem much faster this time around. 

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    2. Balthazars


      5 hours ago, Snoregasm2 said:

      @Balthazars, yeah, but the equivalent with 30 levels would be to get to rank 7, whereas you just said before you got to rank 4 in the last FL, so that goes to show how much faster it is right?

      LOL, are there fewer levels this time around? Shows how much attention I've been paying...yeah, that makes sense.

    3. j_galt


      Still feels like a grind...

    4. Snoregasm2


      I managed to do it in basically 2 nights after work. Only played one game yesterday to get to level 15, then did the 3 daily missions to get the 75 bonds (they feel like a grind due to the RNG of getting 2k blocking).

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