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  1. Wheeled vehicles are going to be easier to stop? That's some of the best WoT news I've heard in ages.
  2. Frontlines progress does seem much faster this time around. 

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    2. Balthazars


      5 hours ago, Snoregasm2 said:

      @Balthazars, yeah, but the equivalent with 30 levels would be to get to rank 7, whereas you just said before you got to rank 4 in the last FL, so that goes to show how much faster it is right?

      LOL, are there fewer levels this time around? Shows how much attention I've been paying...yeah, that makes sense.

    3. j_galt


      Still feels like a grind...

    4. Snoregasm2


      I managed to do it in basically 2 nights after work. Only played one game yesterday to get to level 15, then did the 3 daily missions to get the 75 bonds (they feel like a grind due to the RNG of getting 2k blocking).

  3. I've no idea how it will play in the new version, but I'm loving the scenery. 

  4. Only 45 battles show up on other stat tracking websites as well. This isn't a WoTLabs problem.
  5. Alas, I spent many of my saved credits getting the T-62A and AMX 30B prematurely after the announcement stream implied they'd get reward vehicle status. I would have spent my credits differently had I known. Ah well, at least they heard some of our criticism.
  6. So many premium Russian heavies added to the game but none of them in the style of the Obj 705. Where is my Soviet Chrysler?

    1. Ham_


      Object 705 is fake rear mount it doesn't get a  big maus energy pass, it's literally 5cm short of centre mounted.

    2. lavawing


      Cries in 430 V2

    3. Ham_


      I grinded OG style no boosters for a month to get the 430 II (with the benefit of not needing to research t-54 top gun) in all it's retarded armor glory, only to take a break and be greeted by a turd when I came back.

  7. There are games (e.g. 3 × top tier arty) where I'm pretty sure the best place to go on Westfield from the uphill spawn is the city. But especially in slow vehicles, I don't know what lines of fire to try to exploit or be afraid of, and sometimes I make myself useless. Any advice or replays?
  8. It depends on just how much you hate turretless vehicles. It's quite a fun vehicle, with good firepower, good mobility, and enough armor to matter but not enough to count on in most situations.
  9. This tank is going to be an event (presumably marathon) reward: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/02/18/bourrasque-challenge-upcoming-wot-event/
  10. GgUYCTv.png


    1. echo9835


      Try to angle better. :/

  11. I knew I had to resurrect this thread when this player was given the name "troll" by the anonymizer. https://wotlabs.net/na/player/cjltankmaster73
  12. Except that doesn't work on NA anymore. This last Holiday Ops we had no vehicle sales until the one just now, and the year before we had no vehicle sales and then got one right after Holiday Ops finished in mid-January.
  13. 15% off the credit price of tier X tanks on the NA server for the Valentine's Day weekend. I am pleased. 

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    2. Tarski


      Yeah, I sat on my savings for a bit and got lucky. I have 100 million credits' worth of tier X tanks to buy (but fewer than 100 million credits)...


    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      The fuck is that?

      We haven't had one of those in ages. 

    4. Balthazars


      Yeah, a big surprise. I've gone from nearly 40 million credits to just over 7 million, but bought all the unlocked tier 10s that I've accumulated since then - AMX50B, 60TP, Patton, TVP50/51, T62A, Super Conq, so quite happy.

  14. The new rules have been announced. Highlight: Also:
  15. I would have gotten myself a Lansen if I'd known not much of interest would be sold, but at least I got myself a Chrysler K.
  16. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/expedition-2020/ Frontlines is to return March-May and Steel Hunter August-November. Four stages each, three points per stage. Twelve points gets you a reward vehicle, which means you have to pick 2 out of 3 at most. The reward vehicles are: AE Phase 1 (again) Obj 777 v2 Char Futur 4, which appears to be what they're now calling the Projet 4-1 I'm certainly looking forward to another chance to grab the AE Phase 1, which looks fun. If I earn enough points, between the other two I'll probably grab the 777 since I performed terribly in the Bat-Chat AP.
  17. On the one hand, rare and funny-looking tank. On the other hand, I don't spend much time in low tiers and that minimum bid is a lot when I have so many tier 10s unlocked.
  18. BT-SV auction starting at 10 million credits.
  19. I tried bidding 12k gold for one of the 1,200 EBRs in the auction on NA, but that bid lost.
  20. WoT Express claims 1 left, 14 total.
  21. Yeah, that's the crux of it. I'm fine with all the numbers in the game changing, as annoying as it might be to relearn lots of numbers. But even more numbers will have to change downstream, and I can only hope Wargaming is aware of the risk they're taking and will follow up promptly with per-tank balance changes. Oh, and the HE rework feels like a rough draft and they need to keep working on that. I've seen 183mm HESH shells that hit a tank's armor directly deal anywhere from about 140 damage to about 1400 damage. Since you can't plan around penetration anymore, the damage feels less "normalized," not more.
  22. The idea was that gun balancing had to wait on changes to the shell system, and survivability balance had to wait on the health changes, and that all balance was harder when health wasn't a linear function of tier. (That last point was, at other times, phrased in terms of power as a function of tier, but I don't know what else was being referred to besides health.) Now I don't know what's preferable about linear scales from a gameplay perspective, but I do understand that it makes balancing multi-tier battles easier. In other words, the real obstacle was that WG had committed to making these sweeping balance changes, and everything else like E 100 and IS-4 buffs were blocked by this project.
  23. I'm going to play more battles on the test server, but I'm sure my feedback will be mostly negative. They've taken forever and now they want to rush out a half-baked rework with promises of future adjustments. On stream eekeeboo admitted that the Manticore not getting its shell count adjusted to the new HP pools and shell mechanics was crippling and had nothing to say about plans to fix things like that. The argument eekeeboo advanced in the announcement stream was that the numbers and systems being changed in this patch are the foundation on which other changes can be made, so they'll be able to buff and nerf things as appropriate from here on out with fewer obstacles. But it's hard to trust WG to be remotely prompt with additional changes since they'll "need to gather more data" for ages. And also this foundation doesn't seem like it was thought through very well. I don't doubt that the hit point numbers have some math behind them, like looking at armor use efficiency and balancing same-tier tanks around having similar effective health pools, but the spread in hit point values at tier 10 is surprisingly small relative to the alpha damage of tier 10 shells. Heavy tanks have the same spread of hit point values at tier 10 in the balance patch (1050 Maus-Kranvagn vs. 1000 on the live server) that they have on the live server, meaning the tanks whose advantage was having more health have a proportionally smaller advantage. And for tanks that can be penned by the new high alpha AP shells, that difference is smaller with respect to that proportion as well. Particular tanks' hit point values don't seem tailored to balance them. For example, on the live server the IS-4 has 100 hit points more than the IS-7. On the test server, the IS-4 (+24.0%) has 150 hit points more than the IS-7 (+22.9%). I've heard the line about needing to set a foundation of smoothly scaling health values before more buffs and nerfs are made, but is increasing the IS-4's health by an extra 1.1% the right way to change its stats relative to its more competitive cousin? Meanwhile the TOG has seen its hit points increase by 42.9% for the memes. WG seems to have avoided one of the systemic issues (buffing all health pools the same favors armored vehicles more) in some special cases...at least to some extent. The Maus has seen its health rise by only 18.3%, which is on the low side. That is probably a good thing, but I'd want to see the math behind it. There is another systemic issue that we've been talking about on this forum since at least as early as last year, though: if regular ammo does substantially (~20%) more damage than premium ammo, the advantage that high pen tanks had over low pen tanks goes up. A lot. The Leopard and STRV-103B, for example, love these changes. Meanwhile any tank that made frequent use of its HEAT rounds (as for example the T-54) is getting a large nerf, which has not been compensated in any way by this "good foundation"—at least as far as I've seen.
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