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  1. Seeing alerts for these posts makes me want to platoon a bit. Maybe i'll be on sometime this weekend? Saturday or Sunday?
  2. I have been on more in the last week than I have in the last 3 months or so. I had been burnt-out on WoT in the fall. I think some of us may be in & out.
  3. Do teams feel more passive on the weekends? I've been leading pushes and I suck...

  4. When I try to click the link, I get a dead URL - FYI
  5. We would earn industrial boxes for the clan: http://worldoftanks.com/en/content/strongholds_guide/faq/#e1 I believe it's also a good way to get experience for a tank without playing it in Randoms during a grind or a way to grind crew members. We would also make credits, I believe. I understand that the Cromwell B and Type 64 are both superb for this because they are premiums. Its also good practice for calling, taking orders, and general organized tactical play. I believe the current meta at tier 6 is fast tanks - the prime ones being T37, Type 64, B/Cromwell, and similar. I don't know the Tier 8 meta (and I'm not there yet with my own tanks).
  6. In another thread, @Pyr0freak was lamenting that we rarely have enough people for stronkholds on at one time. Currently, we are a gud clam - with a 66% winrate in strongholds. I would love to see us fielding a strongholds team semi-regularly. If you are interested, post whether you are available at any of these given times: Sunday evenings - 9pm-10pm EasternMonday evenings - 9pm-10pm EasternWednesday evenings - 9pm-10pm EasternThursday evenings - 9pm-10pm EasternWhat am I saying, of course you all are interested! If there are other times - post!
  7. I'll post later for the heck of it. But of our 40 members, half are inactive in the last 30 days, which is a big part of the problem of it being so small.
  8. Do you think it would help us if we used the LABS thread more for coordination of specific times? It's hard to get messages to everyone because the Clan Message board doesn't allow free posting. I would enjoy more active organized play with LABS as well (for when I am able to be on...)
  9. As a German TD lover, I would love this tank. However, it's people like me that will prevent a flood of these tanks. I think I'm a pretty average player (both statistically and playtime-wise) (I have no evidence to back this up). I won't complete this mission because it's probably beyond me to get 30k damage between tomorrow and Friday with limited playtime. Especially folks like me who are still in low-tier battles overall...
    1. lt_lolcat



      fuck rddt0, good riddance


      thanks for letting me know :)

    2. admiralvictor


      When I think of RDDT0's former self, I lament the loss a bit. However, not so much since they went "internet tonks is super serious business." Come on... Playing tanks in a casual/training clan... We don't need to take attendance!

  10. Take this advice for what it's worth, since I have less games than you do... What are your end goals of this? Do you want to play clan wars? Join a clan and run strongholds? Do you just want to play tanks solo that you find enjoyable? If you are having fun and improving as you are playing now, keep doing this as you are. If you really have a Tier 10 in mind that you want, grind one line. For example, I was grinding the Jagdpanzer IV a lot lately because a) I am having fun it, b) I have limited time to play, and c) I like the style of play on this line. But I also plan to continue (albeit slowly) on the other lines I'm working on.
  11. Here are my thoughts, Enroh, during a quick watch-through - I am pausing as I go to jot down my analysis/commentary (N.N. I don't run XVM). Comps Okay, you're in a top tier heavy and a good top tier heavy, so I am thinking woolly bully, bully, bully (can you tell I've been watching Zeven?). Having an IS-5 also implies that your other top tier heavy is good enough to be in a clan that did well in ArmageddonThey are also a top tier 'toon, versus their potentially campy TD 'toonYour team should have a higher HP pool and is more mobile, which, all things equal, seems advantageousDeployment I like that you went north along with your heavies, and very few, comparatively, went towards the hill to the eastEngagements When contact was made, I feel like you could've pushed up a bit more, since you are top tier and they only have one rival heavyWatch out when your allies are backing up, like the T-54 mod 1 at 13:3713:10 I feel you could've pushed the KV-5 a bit more some cautious aggression - this would've allowed you to get a more direct side shot without too much risk13:01 oy, not the KV-5's mantlet. You could've, again, pushed up a bit more and penned the side, I guess12:30 I feel you could push more - you've got a lot of HP and pretty decent armor - your biggest threat, honestly, is the ISU, but your team was distracting that TD11:25 We know that their Type 58, T20, SU-122-44, and E-25 were heading towards your base area, as was your IS-5. You could've started returning to flank and defend11:13 Those ten seconds of indecision cost you damage and could have cost you the game if the teams were a bit more even.10:40 That artillery isn't really consequential to what you can do as a bully10:05 GJ bullying the T25/2 Other notes - you didn't need to shoot APCR at soft targets. The only target that really need it was the KV-5, but even then.... Ehhhh.... I think you need to work on aggression and bullying when you are top tier. You could have been far more decisive if you had pushed more, instead of letting the IS-5 (and platoon) do all the work. Still - GG.
  12. I bought the Jagdpanzer IV over the weekend. My results so far are 10 wins in 15 battles, with 866 damage per game, with one High Calibre. 13 of the games were with the 7.5 Pak 42 L/70, but my last two games made me fall in love with the 8,8 cm Pak L/56 

  13. One of the reasons I was thinking of that is I've been tending to push to close 2nd line support with those, poke and get a quick shot in. It can give an idea of how to play a softer TD at close range, even if they are rather boring. The StuGIIIG (and now the Jagdpanzer IV) I think of sometimes as more of a turretless medium - after initial damage from range, get in around the side of the enemy and just pump the shells into their sides. Sorry - my replays aren't working at the moment and I can't be bothered to figure them out. Plus, sr360's look good. Alternatively, go to wotreplays.com and search for some of the Mastery replays for the soft case-mate TDs you are thinking about.
  14. I am putting this as a placeholder reminder to myself to find some of my recent SU-100Y replays, where I play rather mobile and chase the enemy to a certain extent. I may have couple where I am top tier and some where I am not.
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