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  1. As a badder bad, I have a question for youuuu. Do you think there is anti-German bias??
  2. The only problem is that Sengoku era animes are more overdone than most shonen tropes. Anyways This is unrelated to anything except anime, but I have never been able to enjoy anime while drunk!!!! I just get distracted all the time and don't remember anything and can't follow along with anything and it's just pointless Anyone else tried or failed or something?
  3. I potato 90% of the time. It's better to be inconsistently good than consistently mediocre like me! I'm soooo bad, under 20% survival!!
  4. That was my entire point. The KV-1S is even more OP than it seems, it's just that normalization is bringing down its win rates. Part of its OPness is obscured by the fact that it faces itself so often. I don't know what kind of confusion of ideas could have caused someone to think that I was arguing that the KV-1S is not overpowered.... well, my terrible writing, I suppose. English was always my worst subject. Also, consider that the KV-1S only has a 3 battle tier spread, out of the 12 battle tiers. Its population is squeezed into just a few battle tiers, making them even more likely
  5. The main factor is that super popular vehicles often end up facing each other, while unpopular vehicles face different vehicles more often. It's not about who is grinding what, and who is how skilled. It's about the sheer population of a vehicle, and its normalizing effect on the win rate. Let's examine an extreme case. Assume the KV-1S is really really overpowered, and it's the only tank that's played. Then, its win rate will not indicate its overpoweredness at all, because it's the only tank in the game. It will be around 49%, taking draws into account. Completely average. Now,
  6. Compared to where? Do people walk around with "God hates fags" signs there? America seems more homophobic. Or maybe America is just more varied, and you have some spots that are more homophobic than Japan, and others that are less homophobic.
  7. Also note that its popularity also has a bit of a normalizing effect on the win rate, since it's the most played tank in the game. When population numbers are low, win rate is an accurate measure. However, a really popular tank gets its win rate pulled closer to 49% or so (assuming ~2% draws), because it tends to face itself so often. It partially cancels itself out, so you just don't see an absurdly high win rate despite how overpowered it is.
  8. Seconded. I got bored and dropped it around Episode 8 or 9, then gave it another shot a few months later. Saw the rest in one sitting, lol.
  9. I'm really wondering why the better players like you feel this way. As a player who is closer to average, having 175mm pen on a tier 7 heavy is a bigger drawback than any of the gun's advantages. It prevents it from functioning in some brawls where the ~200mm pen guns do just fine, from my experience. Or is the "proper" way of playing the IS and KV-3 considered to be spamming the 217mm pen gold now?
  10. You could argue the same when movies were invented - one could get lazy and do less, compared to books. I believe that any lapse in storytelling due to a new technology is temporary. Ultimately, people will learn to use the medium in order to complement the storytelling rather than replace it, as they always have. When the techniques of the medium have matured, people go back and remember things. Yeah, you're right. I wanted to argue that "oh but then it's just a good story that could be a good book, not a good anime," but on second thought, that's not quite right. There's
  11. I disagree there. Visuals are the main advantage of anime over other mediums. I know this sounds stupid, but I believe that we have seen the evolution of new art techniques and styles over the past few decades. Old anime look dated for the same reason that cave paintings do: they lack something that later works usually have. That's why nothing in the past looks like current anime. You may personally dislike the style, but it is objectively different from anything that has ever existed in the past.
  12. Awesome! It looks like a large portion of the pub meta, wrapped into one single image. +1, thank you.
  13. Lately, any popular anime seems to get a disproportionate share of haters. SAO and Attack on Titan have been the latest victims. I liked SAO too - I'm hoping the haters don't prevent any more arcs from getting animated, since it only gets better from here. The second arc is the low point of the series, and they ended it on a bad note, causing people to judge it too harshly.
  14. Medaka is more Nisio Isin (of Bakemonogatari fame) than Gainax. He has his own style that always seems to carry over into adaptations of his works.
  15. RoF and view range buffs seem like the best for the Jackson. The Jackson is one of the few tanks that has a similar gun with a lower RoF than its heavy counterpart. Also, the Wolverine benefits from more view range than the T49, while the Jackson does not have more, and could use more. In a tier 8 match, you can play the KV-1S with the approximate effectiveness of a tier 7 medium tank. No other tier 6 heavy can do this - they're all forced into second line support due to their lower speed.
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