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  1. Best conversation I had all night:

    up_yourss (8:10:30 PM) better nlucky than good rite shitter, your a cheater bullshit one shot me and two teammates in that shitter taqnk the gayotear destroyer from a crappy angle its a cunch of crapi will be looking for you shitter

    onlytoughonline (8:18:17 PM) wow, you seem angry about a game

    up_yourss (8:20:47 PM) your shit ank doesnt cause 750 damage its to shitty of a tank for that wvwn with t-10 gun doesnt do those kind of damahes . turn off you aimbot play like a man you whore bag,.

    onlytoughonline (8:24:12 PM) you got me, definitely aimbot

    A bit of context:

    Game on Fiery Salient.  Me in my Charioteer, him in is T28 Prot.  He got lit and took fire from half my team, I only put in the killing blow.  Team melted around me after that and I killed 3 of the last 4 before I got capped out.  Little fella was a bit salty I guess.

    1. saru_richard


      geez that guy could use a hug, some therapy and a nice cup of tea

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