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  1. For some, I'm guessing, they (like me) enjoy certain tanks at tier 10.  Others that are in Clan Wars clans just enjoy getting to know the ins and outs of a certain tank.  I would recommend to not specifically play 10's extensively just for the sake of playing them.  I play the odd match here and there in 10's, but I find plenty of other tanks in lower tiers that are tons of fun to just bomb around a map in and have fun.  Long story short, play what's fun for you.

  2. I'll start at 4 since I don't play 1-3 much at all.

    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. Hetzer
    5. T67
    6. KV2
    7. T29
    8. IS3 (at tier or +1 it can still wreck shop with the best of them)
    9. I want to say M46 Patton, but not everyone gets along well with that tank, soooooooo probably the E75.  Can still slug it out with tier 10's and if it's top tier it's smooth sailing.
    10. Everything?  I, as a rule, don't ever sell tier 10's because why would I grind out a line just to sell the end-goal?

    Honorable mentions:  M4 (tier 5), Cromwell (tier6), SU-122-44 (tier 7), AMX-50-100 (tier 8), T30 (tier 9)

  3. 17 hours ago, Folterknecht said:

    PSU model and brand?



    Test the following (keeping an eye on temps):

    1) Start Prime 95 (small FFTs 8 workers)


    If that runs without crashing


    2) Stop Prime 95 and start Furmark

    If that runs without crashing


    3) start Furmark while running Prime 95



    I also think it might be the PSU.


    I ran all tests as requested.  No crashes.  Looking like the PSU.

  4. Title says it, kinda.  During gaming, and only gaming, my PC will randomly reboot.  No pattern to it, no specific game, time of day, etc.  Temps on all my hardware look fine.  I ran memtest86 for a few loops and came back with no errors.  My event viewer shows a Kernel-Power fault with an Event ID of 41, and a DistributedCOM fault with an Event ID of 10016.  I tried looking up solutions to these, but most of the advice was to change a few settings or edit my registry and it should fix it.  I did change a couple power setting, but I am VERY hesitant to do anything to my registry files for the DistributedCOM fault.  Any help at all would be amazing right now.  I can't game for 10 minutes without this damn thing shutting down.  

    System Specs:

    6700k @ 4.0, GTX 980ti, ASUS Z170-A mobo (latest BIOS installed), 16 gb corsair vengeance lpx.

    Windows 10

    Any other things you need to know, just ask.  I'll be happy to provide!


  5. Here is my current build.  Runs great, but I'd like to squeeze a bit more out of it.  The CPU is clocked at 4.5 and maintains that easily at decent temps.  I'm personally thinking monitor and cooling plus a couple more sticks of RAM wouldn't be a bad idea.  But if there are any glaring weaknesses that any of you would fix first, please let me know.  I'm only looking at 1440 monitors btw.  Thanks in advance!

  6. 47 minutes ago, Kolni said:

    If you have any kind of Hi-Fi store near you it'd be best to go there and try a couple. Much like most other things personal preference is an important factor that no one else can really influence. You can set a pretty good standard for what's considered good headphones or not but getting the headphones that are just right for you will need testing. 

    Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, AKG, Audio-Technica, Bose, Sony (to a degree) and other smaller brands I can't think of at the moment are all very good at making mid-end priced headphones that can easily pass for high-end quality. 


    I recommend Audio-Technicas ATH-MX50 (120 USD) as a good sample, I've tried these and recommended to several other who were all happy with it. They also shouldn't be too hard to find locally if you want to try them out, where most stores with a "sound guy" should know what kind of standard you got if those were too <insert problem here> and is a good direction for other things in the same area. They're nothing special really but have a defined sound for that kind of price. It also doesn't need an amp which some mid/high-end phones do, but if you do get one (DAC/AMP or soundcard with amp etc)  you'll still feel a difference in quality.

    If you want to get a good set of headphones you should eventually try and get a decent soundcard or similar with it to get the most out of it. It's not really a rush or a must but if your usage will be stationary then it'll be worth the money.

    I REALLY wish we had that kind of store here, but I live in Guam and the best way to get anything like that is through Amazon or other sites, which is where I ordered the SR80's from.  If I like these though, I made a list of other sets that are a bit higher end that I may go to in the future.  Thanks for the advice!


  7. Lost Planet 3, Car Mechanic Sim and Prison Architect.  

    I got 3 new Callaway wedges (52, 56 and 60 degrees), a couple golf shirts, a Callaway hat (see a pattern) and a Callaway ball marker/divot tool that clips on said hat (I golf a lot).  Plus ordered some snazzy new headphones and a mic for my computer.  Merry Christmas!

  8. Looking at getting a new gaming headset.  Budget is about $150, so I'm considering the Sennheiser Game One and GSP 350 in that range.  Any other suggestions anyone can think of?  More focused on sound and build quality around that price point.  My budget is a little flexible (+$20-30 maybe) so anything in that area I will consider too.  Thanks in advance!

  9. Wow, so many to think of.  Here goes:

    Legend of Zelda:  My dad and I played this when I was young and we used to map out all the dungeons to make other playthroughs easier.

    007 Goldeneye:  Too many hours into this one to count.  Probably the reason I didn't do so well in college.

    Mario Kart:  Still an amazing game to this day.

    Dungeons and Dragons Champions of Krynn:  My first foray into any kind of RPG.  I'll never forget this game.

    World of Warcraft:  Mine, and probably many others', first MMORPG.  Unfortunately has tainted my opinion of what I want a game in this genre to be.

    Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion:  First game I bought when I got my shiny new 360.  One of my fondest console gaming memories.  In fact, I don't have the 360 anymore, but I kept Oblivion for the memories.

    The Last of Us:  Only game I ever got emotionally invested in.  Masterpiece by Naughty Dog.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare:  The first FPS that I ever became half-way decent in, WoT included.

    There's more, but his should be enough for now.

  10. 15 minutes ago, SaintLaurentius said:

    If your aim is to improve with the Leo 1, please post your crew and equipment so we can check those too.


    I don't feel like making a long answer, so hopefully this format suits you:

    -Good call on the initial spot, passive enough and good for early damage.

    -You should have sniped through the tree at the IS-7, you dont get that much better angle from the spot you were in and you wouldnt get spotted if they would have pushed somebody up the hill.

    -Load HEAT asap when you're fighting IS-7s and JPEs from that range, you got "lucky" with the 2 pens against the IS-7, but were late to shoot the JPE with HEAT. 

    -Something to consider: Don't just spam rounds at almost impossible shots. Just wait for them to get courage again and punish them then. Just by spamming shots at them, they'll just back off, like the JPE did.

    -Your x25 zoom is useless and made you waste extra seconds on the Scorpion G killshot and miss completely the 2nd shot on the CDC. Just stick with the standard x16, or is it x8?

    -You could have engaged that CDC just by going lower,

    -Seriously , your zoom level is so disctracting.... You "took" the JPE shot cos of your zoom.

    -You should carry few HE shells so you could have 1 shotted that FV4005, and in worst case scenario having to load APCR as the next round. Now you just trusted in RNG, which didnt help you here. Just something to consider.

    I hope you got something out of this....

    ps. Shoutout to @hello_Bang_Bye ! Oh hell, he's permabanned......:serb:

    Appreciate the input!  Equipment is Rammer, VStab and Optics.  Crew is only two skills so 6th sense, Snap shot, Safe stowage, Smooth ride, and then camo for the 2nd skill.

    Not sure about the zoom thing though.  Might be part of my modpack, I'll check it out, and possible disable that part because I notice that too.  Edit:  Forgot to add, that my commander is my only 100% crew member because I'm shit and have no gold to retrain all of them.  (I know, dumb pubbie things)


  11. Here is the link to the replay.  If you don't wish to watch, that's fine.  This was my very first game in the Leo 1:

    6.3k damage

    5 kills

    Ace Tanker

    All in all, I thought I played it pretty well, but there was probably plenty of damage left on the field and 1 REALLY luck moment in there (you'll know if you watch the replay).  Feel free to pick it apart and leave feedback.  TIA!

  12. Mountain pass, tier 10 game.  IS7 driver on our team named Tukkaa from the clan _XAC_ drives to the top of the ice road where he meets the enemy IS7 coming up the hill from the bottom.  He proceeds to coordinate with the other guy and lets him shoot his turret for over 14k blocked damage to rig a mission.  Became really obvious at the end when he had his back to the enemy IS7 who then moved off to the side and continued skipping shots off the side of his turret.  Game itself is nothing special, but somebody that is decent at free cam mode could probably get a nice screenshot of it if they wanted.

    Here is the replay if you're interested.

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