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  1. Merry Christmas WoTLabs!  Checked the time machine today: 230 overall WN8 increase since Jan. 8th, not bad.

  2. Hey N3RV3! Still need to hit you up from the other night. PM me on here if you want. Good to see ya!
  3. Almost purple recent!  Huge thanks to everyone who has submitted articles, or reviewed my scrublord replays for tips!  Much learning has been done, much more to go.

  4. Wow, so many to think of. Here goes: Legend of Zelda: My dad and I played this when I was young and we used to map out all the dungeons to make other playthroughs easier. 007 Goldeneye: Too many hours into this one to count. Probably the reason I didn't do so well in college. Mario Kart: Still an amazing game to this day. Dungeons and Dragons Champions of Krynn: My first foray into any kind of RPG. I'll never forget this game. World of Warcraft: Mine, and probably many others', first MMORPG. Unfortunately has tainted my opinion of what I want a game in this genre to be. Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion: First game I bought when I got my shiny new 360. One of my fondest console gaming memories. In fact, I don't have the 360 anymore, but I kept Oblivion for the memories. The Last of Us: Only game I ever got emotionally invested in. Masterpiece by Naughty Dog. Call of Duty Modern Warfare: The first FPS that I ever became half-way decent in, WoT included. There's more, but his should be enough for now.
  5. Appreciate the input! Equipment is Rammer, VStab and Optics. Crew is only two skills so 6th sense, Snap shot, Safe stowage, Smooth ride, and then camo for the 2nd skill. Not sure about the zoom thing though. Might be part of my modpack, I'll check it out, and possible disable that part because I notice that too. Edit: Forgot to add, that my commander is my only 100% crew member because I'm shit and have no gold to retrain all of them. (I know, dumb pubbie things)
  6. Here is the link to the replay. If you don't wish to watch, that's fine. This was my very first game in the Leo 1: 6.3k damage 5 kills Ace Tanker All in all, I thought I played it pretty well, but there was probably plenty of damage left on the field and 1 REALLY luck moment in there (you'll know if you watch the replay). Feel free to pick it apart and leave feedback. TIA!
  7. Best conversation I had all night:

    up_yourss (8:10:30 PM) better nlucky than good rite shitter, your a cheater bullshit one shot me and two teammates in that shitter taqnk the gayotear destroyer from a crappy angle its a cunch of crapi will be looking for you shitter

    onlytoughonline (8:18:17 PM) wow, you seem angry about a game

    up_yourss (8:20:47 PM) your shit ank doesnt cause 750 damage its to shitty of a tank for that wvwn with t-10 gun doesnt do those kind of damahes . turn off you aimbot play like a man you whore bag,.

    onlytoughonline (8:24:12 PM) you got me, definitely aimbot

    A bit of context:

    Game on Fiery Salient.  Me in my Charioteer, him in is T28 Prot.  He got lit and took fire from half my team, I only put in the killing blow.  Team melted around me after that and I killed 3 of the last 4 before I got capped out.  Little fella was a bit salty I guess.

    1. saru_richard


      geez that guy could use a hug, some therapy and a nice cup of tea

  8. First Radley Walters in the Patton, best game I've had in it so far.


  9. I'd be happy to take you up on that Assassin. Assuming I'm at the skill level you'd like to see. Just message me the details, could be fun.
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/2748717#steppes-onlytoughonline-t-62a

    Another rigged mission.  Sadly this is from a MAHOU player.  E100 rigs a damage blocked mission and doesn't even try to hide it.

    1. Assassin7


      I have never heard of him before, in MAHOU. he must be pretty damn new

      edit: yeah hes been in the clan 3 days

  11. E100 from MAHOU rigs the damage blocked mission with the T110E5 on the enemy team. Link to the replay. 2nd time in the last couple weeks I've seen this type of mission rigging.
  12. Mountain pass, tier 10 game. IS7 driver on our team named Tukkaa from the clan _XAC_ drives to the top of the ice road where he meets the enemy IS7 coming up the hill from the bottom. He proceeds to coordinate with the other guy and lets him shoot his turret for over 14k blocked damage to rig a mission. Became really obvious at the end when he had his back to the enemy IS7 who then moved off to the side and continued skipping shots off the side of his turret. Game itself is nothing special, but somebody that is decent at free cam mode could probably get a nice screenshot of it if they wanted. Here is the replay if you're interested.
  13. This replay tells me all I need to know about some of the "players" you run into sometimes.  Dude collaborates with a guy on the other team to shoot his turret for over 14k blocked damage!  So damn frustrating!  Couldn't find the name and shame thread, or it would go in there for sure!

  14. Here is a link to a GPU in your price range that would be a real nice upgrade. The CPU, while not super high-end, could be overclocked a bit if you needed to stretch the legs on it some. There are for sure others on here that have some experience with that chip that could give you some advice, but from my experience, GPU bottlenecks are usually the biggest and easiest change you can make to a system and breathe some new life into it. Not sure what board you're running it on, but I'm sure it should be able to mount that GPU, and MSI is a good manufacturer. Don't forget to make sure that your power supply can handle the extra workload of a beefier GPU though.
  15. There are maybe better opinions than mine, but for all it's worth: I adopted a very poke-n-shoot play style in this. Watch your surrounding area carefully and wait for the enemy to shoot, poke out and use your amazing aim time and put 1 (or 2 if it's a heavy) into them and then immediately pull back. You can't take hits, at least not very many, and so your focus is really on augmenting a better armored teammate's damage with your dpm. I try my best not to trade until roughly mid game if I can help it, and then near that time, you can out trade almost anything if you pick your engagements. Remember, use your view range! When the opportunity presents itself, there is almost nothing out there that can outspot you if you have a good crew in the M48. This allows at least 2 or 3 free shots/game for me depending on the map. Anyway, like I said, others may have a little more specific advice, buy that's my two cents.
  16. My best game in this so far! 7k damage, which is amazing for me! Probably would have been more if I wasn't dumb and had to burn my repair kit earlier
  17. I just got this amazing beast, and it may be my favorite T10 medium. I have the RU meds, but the gun handling on this is just so damn comfy. Only played a few games on it, but using BIA and food, I'm able to afford not running optics and using vents instead. 6.6 sec reload FTW
  18. So, I've played with one other CW clan: BIMBO, and had a great time doing it, but my time zone (Guam) makes it nearly impossible to actually fit into an active CW clan. I would like a clan of similar/better than me (that part shouldn't be hard) players that I can platoon with on a pretty regular basis. I'm active 6-7 days per week from about 2-6 AM Pacific time. My current tank lineup is as follows: Tier 10: IS7, 62A, 140, Cent AX, JPZ E100, AMX 50B, T110E4, GW E100 (although I can't stand playing it anymore) Tier 9: M46 Patton, Lorraine, E75 ---- I have the M48 and E100 unlocked, just need creds. And a bunch of other lower tier stuff too. Check out my profile if there is anything else you would like to know, or just shoot me a PM. Thanks in advance!
  19. x5 weekends bring out the absolute worst of players.  It's almost not worth playing if i didn't need a bit more free xp for the M48 gun when I buy it.  I have seen "tactics" this weekend like "Let's all just sit at cap and defend, they'll never expect it" to a Leo1 running from a half-health Pershing because "He can pen me too easily"

  20. Like Folterknecht said already, it appears that you have a GPU limitation. My GTX 760 used to run at similar FPS before I got my 980 Ti. If upgrading the GPU isn't an option, all I can think of is to turn a few more settings down a bit and see if that helps.
  21. Been playing pretty much equally the M46 Patton, Lorraine, E75 and all of my prem tanks for credits. What's stumping me is that even in the games in my T10's, I just do significantly better than I usually do.
  22. Not a venting thread. Far from it, in fact. For a while I've been steadily improving, but as of my last 300-500 games or so, every statistic of mine has increased much MUCH faster than usual as you can see. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/onlytoughonline It doesn't feel like I do anything differently, games just sort of work out better for lack of a better way to put it. It's at all tiers too, so not really a product of just 1 tank. My question is, should I expect this trend to continue, as it feels really natural for me to play how I do right now? Or is this an anomaly that noobs like me get from time to time? I mean, I watch good streamers, read guides and look at my own replays when I remember to. So, did things finally just click for me? What was your turning point like, if there was one? It may be nothing, so feel free to let me know that too! TIA, only
  23. ^^ This. 750Ti is actually a pretty good little card for the money. It won't knock your socks off, but it will run WoT at OK settings until you can step up to something a bit beefier.
  24. M46 Patton is seks.  100 games, and 2684 WN8.  Pretty good for me!

  25. Yep, still love it. Just went over the 100 game mark in it. Stats are as follows: 53% WR, 2204 DPG, 2684 WN8. This thing just sits well with my noobish playstyle I guess.
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