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    onlytoughonline reacted to Assassin7 in XVM focus is so blatant on NA. Play on shit teals and don't get focused at all on NA/   
    yesterday I had a pubbie ignore my yellow platoon mate literally facehugging him to shoot me, my platoon mate was trying to block the guy from shooting me and he just completely ignored him. 
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    onlytoughonline reacted to DirtyACE7 in Defeat Sacred Valley Škoda T 50 Experience received:3,666 Credits earned 55,613 Battl   
    I know the feeling @onlytoughonline. When you do everything possible to win but your teammates are knuckle-dragging lego munchers.
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    onlytoughonline reacted to DirtyACE7 in Replay So tilted after this. E25 flips my over in my UDES about 2 minutes into battle   
    I feel you man. Hopefully you sent a replay in to WG. Trash like this needs to be punished.
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