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  1. I've been playing for about a month at this point but would like some advice. Are there good places to hang out to meet new people to learn from? I've hung out with some guys on the WOTlabs teamspeak but am always looking to meet new people to help me improve. What is a good plateau that I should be aiming for as a new player? How much does my average tier factor into that? I Think I am doing ok but my average tier is still low as I have been trying multiple lines to about tiers 4 or 5. What should I expect for my first ranked season? Based on my current stats how high is a rea
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Just join all six of the Wotlabs channels or is there one thats more regularly populated?
  3. Is there a channel people would recommend to find knowledgeable people I can ask questions about in game or maybe play with? Yes, I played enough in alpha and beta to get my reward but I honestly never got into this game much but this past week I started playing because I have some family(uncles) that play this game, I didn't even know they gamed. Anyways, I'd prefer to not be terrible for my teams but a lot of the resources I am finding are dated and at times contradictory (I assume due to patch changes).
  4. Thanks for the responses. See you out there.
  5. Hey, I got burnt out playing this game about a year ago and haven't played it since March. I'm downloading the game now with the idea of working down the Japanese heavy and Czech line. I honestly haven't followed the game much in the past year. Any tips or things I should be aware of from the past year? O, and if you see me in a game, don't expect much out of me. O, BTW, I downloaded Armored Warfare seeing if the game could give me a fix I was looking for and after 13 minutes in queue, I exited the game. Does that game ever have decent queue times? Is WOT any better? Than
  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/12/technology/robotica-sex-robot-realdoll.html
  7. So far, Transistor and Valkyria Chronicles for me.
  8. Opened my third legendary last week. Gruul!
  9. No problem. The premium was an offer if you felt like you needed it. I guess just send a PM when you would like to get account info.
  10. You could use my account. I'm not playing WOT with any regularity and if someone could enjoy playing on my account, I'd be happy to let them play. 16 tier 10s, 85 tanks in the garage at the moment. If you wanted, you could activate premium for a month (I have plenty of gold and credits atm).
  11. I've been playing for about the same time. I unlocked Naxx and BRM with gold and am keeping all the cards until I get more than 2. O one frustrating thing for me, I've only opened a single legendary in almost 60 packs now. FML
  12. Maybe I'll craft one when I have the dust. I only have one frothing and one worgen so yeah. As for turn 5 patron, I used to do that but found out that holding out a little longer, if possible, generally has better results.
  13. Are you dusting everything not in the decks or have you spent some money in the game? I am so far from having that much dust.
  14. I love patron. This is my pleb deck. Between this and the hunter deck(both very cheap) I actually have two decks that are mostly filled out for a top tier deck. I have the healbot and the shield because I kept running to face hunters and needed something to keep me alive until I could get the grim/warsong combo off.
  15. I have no problem with premium vehicles being on par with regular vehicles. If you pay money for something, I don't think you should have to be at a disadvantage if you want to grind credits/crew. I do have a problem if they are better than their regular counterparts. Sounds like some of these are and that is unfortunate.
  16. Those 1 and 2 battle XXs! Anways, I'll have to install XVM once Sela gets his modpack up. Probably the most interesting thing to come out for WOT in a long time, at least for me. I would be interested to see how Imoody stacks up, honestly one of the best players in game.
  17. IIRC, he got that ban lifted. We were playing a stronghold and he started clicking on the map to direct us. But have you danced with him on the hill in Himmelsdorf?
  18. Grim patron warrior is quite fun for me and it didn't cost much dust to make. I'd say that it is almost cheaper than face hunter to build. Face hunter is... yeah. O well, I still use to to get my quests done when I need a hunter. For all the legendaries people drop on me, it is nice to kill em before they can drop em.
  19. Just got my results from the bar back and I passed! Glad I put in the time to study!

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    2. Eladamri


      Congrats. Ours results were posted by number, and the person above and below me both failed. Had to drive home and double check my number before I was confident that I had actually passed.

    3. tomego


      @ Ela, I keep checking my online thing to make sure its correct. I thought I had passed but now its here, I keep double checking. TY bar for really screwing with my head.

    4. Kitten
  20. Esta noche, comi unas fajitas. Pense de los tacos que jojo cocinaba y llore un poco.
  21. Its fine, as I have been busy and not playing much. I was studying for the bar for 2 months and then my daughter was born. I let people in the clan know I was busy. I'm just dissapointed it was during the clan tournaments. I haven't played many public matches, as my signature shows, but I have played a fair amount of strongholds in the past months. Public matches are kind of boring for me at this point so tanks was only about strongholds or clan wars, if I even get picked anymore.
  22. Apparently was kicked. Guess was bringing down the WN8 too much. Even logged on during the clan tournament last weekend to see if you needed any help. RIP me.
  23. Please no bully. Most of them don't have their drivers license yet and so this is the best malicious mischief they can find for themselves. Seriously, I could use some sun up here in Washington.
  24. tomego


    The crew layout may suck for a single crew but because Germany has two heavy tank lines, its not as bad as it could be. The tank is stupidly effective for padding WR. In last few months, I ran into a platoon of three deep reds, average win rates of low 40s between the three players on the opposing team from me who had had over 70% wr in their B2. I was in a tier 3 grinding the new British td line on the opposing team. We got rocked and it was on Live Oaks, a map you might think would be a disadvantage for them.
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