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  1. TheQuagmire

    "Exposing World of Tanks"

    Ran into "Thing" on one of my random pub matches.. on normandy. The little cock sucker jumped off the cliff before I could tk his ass.. quality shit lord all the way down. I will get him eventually! mark my words.
  2. TheQuagmire

    Modern Super-Heavy tank concepts...

    You can design just about anything, but your only consumer would be some 3rd world country that needs to fend off it's guerrillas.. and uprisings. Now a days you just need a drone strike, and a satellite to track enemy movement. You can literally have a guy in a cubicle sitting 9 to 5 behind a desk shooting people across the hemisphere piloting a drone, and the training required.. a high school diploma. But if you're curious in what's going on in the field of armor advancement.. testing. Check out a military simulator called Operation Overmatch. If I play my cards right I might even get a look at it myself.
  3. lol what? changing the game from being able to kill yourself from being team killed? Please I do hope WG does that.
  4. It's the notorious mongoloid who runs that hilarious dox site about WG employee's and hates relic etc.
  5. Having a somewhat decent night until I noticed.. TheThing7 was on my team.. you know what that means.. I was going to balance the fuck out of him.. except he RUINED IT! That's right this piece of shit swan dived off a cliff at full health.. so I couldn't team kill him.. My night was instantly ruined by this display of autism.
  6. TheQuagmire

    Is 4k the new 3k?

    I think I may have been the first person on NA to tk arty in ranked so far.
  7. TheQuagmire

    Is 4k the new 3k?

    My next goal in life is team killing Insurrectional_Leftist
  8. TheQuagmire

    Best game ever in my Type 4 Heavy

    You're welcome to make as many as you like friend
  9. TheQuagmire

    Best game ever in my Type 4 Heavy

    I managed to get so many strikes on the forums because of gasai so this felt like an orgasm every time I fired.. everyone in discord couldn't stop laughing. I miss my wot forums avatar.. everyone of his weeb friends reported my avatar, but at least I had it for a few days. My most notorious gif which netted me about 120 upvotes before getting a strike, and of course gasai was heavily triggered when I mentioned this was going to be the next e25 premium, and gasai would be the first tester. Wish I kept more of the old shit i used to make to trigger that wehraboo.
  10. Just one of those nights when you feel so good after a loss. Like you did a service to mankind. Life is gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddd.
  11. Is there a source for your avatar?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. Shackram


      Hah, nice.

      It looked like stop motion on the avatar.

    3. TheQuagmire


      I'v taken the source video, and have done changes to it multiple times for the avatar, and eventually a forum signature cutting out the truck completely from the signature at one point.

      It's a fantastic clip though, and really sets that anger you get from pub matches.

  12. TheQuagmire

    Hype is real

    New season has started off pretty well so far hopefully it doesn't turn into another PC principle...
  13. Dank memes.. how to carry a bad team yVbhqiT.png

    1. TheMarine0341


      More impressed that you made a profit in the Super :awyeah::QBFlip:

  14. TheQuagmire

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    When you guys are feeling up to it get on my level.
  15. TheQuagmire

    M44 - The new 304?

    Still applying heat treatments to unsuspecting heavies while almost maintaining a 70% win rate after 230 battles.. hue hue hue now if that 3rd mark wasn't trolling me with bad city maps. I'll be applying clam wars camo next time on the m44 for serious meme's.