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  1. We don't have a set of values to use. We only got the data recently by hacking the server. Therefore we go by the PC WN8. You can sick a duck.
  2. Thanks for the info, I play on Xbox, not on PC.
  3. Sorry I know this has been asked before, but I can't find it. Is career WN8 computed on a per battle basis or a per tank basis. What I mean is, I have lots of low tier tanks with bad records, but not a lot of battles. Does the final WN8 number average your tanks WN8 or the WN8 of each battle? Do I have to go back and clean up all the tanks with bad scores, regardless of the number of battles? My understanding is that its the number of battles with bad WN8 that drags down your career WN8, and that performing well in a high tier vehicle is just as good as going back to
  4. Im definitely no mathmatizer, but isnt base xp closely correlated to the old efficiency stat anyway? and we all know what sux about the original efficiency stat.
  5. I second this. In peekaboom situation front drive wheel is track and damage. The damage is just less the remaining hit points in the target tanks tracks hit point pool. If they are a large tank and maybe silly enough to have enhanced suspension equipment, that could reduce your damage significantly. This resets each time the tracks are repaired, so best done with high alpha damage tank, which is best for peekaboom anyway. PERFECT is to track them when their gun is still behind the building and wail on that front drive wheel. While tracked it no longer absorbs any of your damage and every s
  6. ^^^^^^this^^^^^ not only should the tanker just get a T-150, but this insults all stronk KV-2's so depressing!
  7. Weekends have worse players Worse players are less predictable Tactics practiced during week may be less effective Move a little slower, give them time to yolo Never interrupt your enemy when he is being stupid
  8. I agree. I have them both and the stats are almost identical. However the armor on the T-15 bounces those PZ-1C salvos from the front where the Locust does not. I enjoy tgem both a lot. Also the prem ammo is cheap enough to go strait premium. Then you can lock onto them and circle them and pen them reliably.
  9. I guess it depends on what you beleive the purpose of free XP is. For me it is to skip the first gun on my newest tank. Some of those nerf bats are really pointless. Usually the second gun with premium ammo will do fine untill i earn the final gun. I dont spend free xp on anything else.
  10. Thanks for the info! I'm a WOTXB360 player and have been waiting for the announcement.
  11. I'm new here also. I have improved much recently by focusing on surviving longer. If I die early it is almost always because i made a mistake. I replay the events in my head and decide to do it better next time. Also remember the videos on the interweb are usually really good players making it look easy.
  12. Thanks! I will definitely play the PC version again soon this year. Right now i only have 9 fps with the lowest settings. Right now im deeply red on PC and a drag on my teams. Also I do enjoy the fast pace of the xbox version a lot.
  13. True all. The lower tiers are very crushable and the higher tiers seem populated with inbred Neanderthol players somwtimes. But MM over the XBox live service is a little bit different and geared towards fun.
  14. Active.... Yes the official WotXB site is vibrant and has a lively forum. However they are typical stat deniers and "ninja secret nerf" beleivers. Thats why I am coming over to these awesome forums here! Oh no clans yet so no real in game drama just the forums and 5 man platoons. Yes although all based on DirectX it seems the Xbox handles those weather renders better than PC
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