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  1. Edit. Sorry, posted in the wrong location.. Should be in pub related stuff... I have been looking my daily performance in WOT closely for several months, and have become very puzzled. During that time I have played mostly alone with tier 10 tanks, with some tier 9 grinds and occasional tier 8 moneymaking platoons. My daily stats have got very little deviation on most parts. Dmg/game stays within 300 points, kills / game, games survived, basically everything stays the same from day to day. Tanks I use are the same, I play at the same time and in same server daily. So it seems that I'm playing constantly on the same level and my effect to the outcome of the battle should then be the same. But it isn't. I seem to have fallen to some vicious winrate tornado, which randomizes the amount of victories. Unfortunately the tornado seems to be picking more power all the time and the daily deviation is flying all over the place. There are days with 75% winrate, but next day its 30% then over 60% and back to 40%. Last week I had a day with 80% winrate and for some reason the next day winrate ended up to be 26%. It makes me feel powerless and is very unmotivating. I find it hard to believe that the quality of players in the queu changes so dramatically and since i tend to play over 25 games/day, I'm very temped to build some MM tinfoil theory. But since WG is our friend, I still try use old mantra; not carrying enough (which lacks power since my performance stays the same, but winrate wavers.) My question to you guys is, do you experience the same? And what do you think is causing it?
  2. Im not sure is this helpfull, since I have only knowledge about finnish housemarket. But I will give some pointers. These are mostly house related, but should work to condos and co-ops. 1. Make sure that the prize is right. In finland most banks are willing to make you a quite accurate prize estimation for the house your looking to buy. Never trust the estimations of the real estate agents, they try just to make a living, while banks (should) look be very carefull when giving a loan for a house, thats why banks will be glad to check the real prizes for the house (and the amount of loan, which they are willing to give for it...) Ask the previous owner to write down the known faults of the house (leaking roof, bad heating system etc.) and make sure that these have been taken into account when they were setting the prize. Then hire (costs a bit, but can save you a million) a professional buildinginspector who will check the house for mold, water damage or construction faults. Atleast in finland all faults which are not mentioned in the list which the previous owner did, will either drop the prize, or you can ask the previous owner to fix the problem before moving in. Check that all of the taxes, rent costs from the land and other possible running costs like water and electricity have been paid by the previous owner and make sure that your contract says so before signing it. Check also how long the previous owner is responsible for hidden faults in the Usa, in finland the time is 5 years, so if you find a hidden fault (which has happened while the previous owner was controlling the house) within the timeline, you can ask for partial refund or repairs to be made on the previous owners expenses. 2. Other stuff. Meet some neighbours before making the deal. Ask them about the area, how they feel about living in there and also if your house has been repaired or if theres some big changes coming to neighbourhood in near future ( new roads, houses, prison, your house will be bulldozed because of the airfield extension, new nightclubs opening in the area, just anything which might affect the area.) its also a good way to see what kind of people are living in there, you will quickly notice if theres a looney living in downstrairs. I have some friends who decided not to buy a cheap house once they saw what kind of community the neighborhood had (housespys, crazy people, drugusers etc.) Check what papers are needed and what thibgs will be on your responsible. In finland this is usually thibgs like partial ownership for the road leading to house (you pay for the roadkeeping) partial ownership for the waterplant(you pay for the repairs in waterplant), a demand to keep neighborhood clean or your house painted with certain color. This all should be mentioned in the contract your signing. If your living in co-op, make sure that there are written rules on how a single participant can move out and what happens if someone does. In finland you will also get cheaper loan for your house if your buying your first home, also some tax refund is available from your loan interest and if you fix or renovate the house. I hope theres something usefull, I guess the system is different in USA...
  3. Well, he was at full health and as you can see from replay, aiming towards sky, not the rock. Didnt see him firing, just after my shot he just explodes. About leaving from battle, why would he do it if he could force a draw one second later?
  4. http://wotreplays.com/site/816887#mines-sirwili-rhm_-borsig_waffentr_ger Just to cut to the point. Check the last 4 seconds of the replay. I play with server reticle, no mods and on my screen while playing, the last shot seemed to go over the hummel, I was sure that the game would be a draw. But what made me post this replay here was the fact that we won the game and there was a message on screen saying hummel is lost, not destroyed, lost. He had fired 11 shots during the game so he wasnt afking, only reason for the victory that I could come out with was that his client had crashed at some point and automated bot/afk detection made him explode in the last second. You can see from the report that I didnt damage him. Is there a such thing and have you guys seen that in action? Is that some new system they indroduced in 9.0?
  5. If im toptierer with tiger, I usually just go in front of enemy main attack route in the beginning. If theres someone spotting for me, I keep shooting them as much as possible from long distance when I can. If not, I look for a hulldown position. High dbm and good gun depression wither the enemys HP pools fast. After a couple of minutes I go to advancing mode and try to push thru the enemy. If I have gotten some hits on tier 7-8 heavys before the push, I will probably win them with the dbm while pushing. If playing as lowtierer (tier 9 game), I just follow the heavy tanks/main attack force and help them if the team plays agressively. If team is useless, I just pick a sniping position and deal as much dmg as possible. I think thats its unnecessary to tell that tiger armor works best when is angled at 45 degrees towards the enemy?
  6. Damn. I thought that I was innocent, what have I done to get the blame? So we all are quilty, but you are innocent?
  7. Last posting from me to the subject, thank you again DF, for a well thought responses. Be it my Finnish cultural background, education, ideology or anything, but after seeing these posts and some others on the subject on WoT forum and FTR my sympathy still goes to darkkilzorker or what ever hes nick was. Mostly because in my eyes his lost in the case is much bigger than yours. Unless he caused similar damage to the clan (caused a loss of tanks, gold, crews), the revenge was a dick move. (Just on the base of my personal moral and opinion) Im amazed that virtual assets are not appreciated in your land / culture / mind. Actually nowadays only 5-10% of any developed countrys current is in hard cash, 90-95% of the money is those magical 0-1 bits which you dont seem to give a lot of value. The game is free to play, but that doesnt make tanks free. It takes time to unlock, upgrade and buy them, and as I allready in my previous post mentioned, its possible to estimate the value of the loss thru counting the needed work and time to achieve things which were lost. System is frequently used when insurance companies are estimating a value of for example,self build boat, or anything laborheavy assets which dont have prizes. Same system is used when court is looking for a suitable amount of compensation for similar instances. Im aware that the legistation is different in some countries, if we look at finnish laws you broke attleast two of them. Dont know about possible insults which you and darkkilzorker might have exhanged, that might be third time. But in general those insult cases are thought to be ridiculous and dick moves to start with, you could sue almost all posters in this topic and most of them would attleast got fined. But thats offtracking, back to the topic. About finnish laws... Even though darkkilzor gave you the access to his account, you acted as him when you locked to his account without permission. Acting as somebody else is not a crime (yet),so you were allowed to log into his account, but it turned into a crime when you sold first tank or crewmember. By doing so you commit two crimes at the same time, first being identity theft, since you sold(or deleted) something while acting as somebody else. The second crime was tort, or causing damage. Usually those crimes would either be settled with mutual agreement, or with police / court ordered tickets and compensation. You were willing to do the same thing again, just make sure that the victim is not from Finland or any country which has similar legistation. Just out of interest, hows the legistation about internet crimes in your country? You didnt answer my question about was the shitstorm deserved, but I understand why you wouldnt like to answer to it. Personally I think that the dispute went too far. (Which according to finnish legistation was the case in here, if you were sued here, its very likely that you would get punished. Of course there should be some hard evidence, like IP adresses which point to your direction, but even this conversation should be enough to start the examination.) Thanks again for your open responses. This was my 2 cents, just be carefull with these kind of actions, someday it might backfire badly.
  8. "Ok I'll bite, since you're making the effort to post sensibly: Compensate him? Why would I compensate him? But first I suppose this relates back to the question of why I would do it to start with. Simply put, I did it because I felt he deserved to be punished for the trouble he had caused and his behaviour in the weeks/months leading up to all this. Call it retribution, revenge, spite, a grudge, whatever you like really, it was a reaction rather than action. Was it proportionate? Debatable but probably not, Dakillzor's behaviour had in my view crossed a few lines, so I had little compunction about how proportionate my response was. What sanctions did I get? None. Sanctions are based on rules, no rules were broken. And to your general question: The analogy is somewhat flawed, to put it in the context of the events in question here; if I had been pissing off a guy for months, then I went out and left my door open and found out that he had come in and smashed my TV. Well I'd notify the police obviously. But let's assume there is no possible law involvement here because in this situation rules don't apply. Well from my perspective the guy would be a total asshole, but at the same time I'd recognise I was asking for it. If I were looking at this same scenario from outside, I'd say the guy losing the TV was both asking for it and deserved it. But then I'm one of the few people with a real perspective on the guy doing the pissing off." Im just interested since here (in Finland) there isnt anymore a difference between possessions in real world or in the internet. So the analog is quite close, attleast in Finland, if you break somebodys TV or empty his account in the net worth the same money, you will get the same fine. I regognize your point about asking for it, but that doesnt make the deed itself less disputable or punishable. In finland leaving a door open would affect the amount of compensation from the insurance (if theres one) but it wouldnt affect the punishment for the burglar/vandal. Theres an example from an account theft (which you did, even thought dakillzor gave you the passwords and stuff) theres a webbased game for children called Habbohotel in finland. Basically you play and collect stuff to your hotel room, although usually theres no money involved, it takes children a long time to get their room decorated. Basically somebody stole the account and took all the stuff from one children, parents took it to the court. And because playing for stuff was considered as "work" and the stuff as "salary" the thief had to pay some fines and compensate the damage with 350€. You mentioned EVE as an example, IMO the case is different here, you dindt pull out a scamm or theft in the game, you stole an account which you deleted. So in the end, you feel that a suitable compensation from a couple of months annoying behaviour would be to destroy annoyers work which took him 1-2 years to complete and which worth in real-live money is something between 300-800€? Damn. He must have been annoying, or then your actions were out of portion. You did mention that there werent rules which would cause a punishment, not in game probably, but in real life there are laws which might say otherwise. Somehow it just feels that the question is not about rules, its about morale. Personally I wouldnt delete other players account since I feel that its simply a bad thing to do. Just a one and last questions: would you do it again? and how do you feel about the shitstorm your facing, do you deserve it? Thank you for your reasonable answers, I hope that the oncoming graphic update would give me motivation to play some wot, until that, see you guys in WT.
  9. Dont know how immature you are, some people seem to be pretty pissed of because your past behaviour. They claim that you act like a teenager, but thats not the point. The point is that you made a huge mistake when you get into a fight with people who have got access to your account, and dont even change your password after leaving the clan in hate. That doesnt make their actions acceptable but you left the door wide open for them. Thats not necessary immature, but foolish, yes.
  10. Trolling aside, could you please answer these questions? How did you, personally (not WG) , compensate the loss to that player? What sanctions did you get from destroying a years worth of work that player had put into his account? Just a general question to all readers: You organize a party in your place, late in the evening when the party is ending you get into a verbal fight with some others and ask them to leave. Next night you forgot to lock the door, somebody comes in and breaks your 42 inch TV with baseball bat? After a week guys who you were verbally fighting are telling some strangers in a bar that they went and break your tv since your an asshole. Who should be the one getting the penalty and the who should be entitled for compensation?
  11. I have been away for a while, but lets see... So there was a player who gave his clan rights to use his account, he may or may not have given those rights to other players also. This player has played, what 15 000 games? To get good lineup for clanwars. Maybe even put some money in the game to get premium time, train his crews or buy some prem tanks, who knows? Lets assume that average game, which he has partipaced has been 5 minutes long. Lets not even count the time spend in garage, queuing or in general any time outside active playtime. 5x15 000= 75 000 minutes in battlefield, building his lineup. Thats about 1250 hours, which totals to 52 days of active ingame time. Its probably that he has been playing over a full calendar year, maybe two to build his account. With a quick check on some illegal account trading pages, you will have to invest about 350€ to get one like that (with awfull stats). Decent accounts have got a prizetag between 450-750€. Player is foolish, young and annoying and ends up leaving/ gets kicked out of the clan. After some time one of hes "friends" who he has shared the account information with, notices that the player hasn't changed his password. Be it his friends who just just happened to have some fun and pull thru a practical joke worth 500€ (Nice friends, worth a punch). Or some asshole(s) from his previous clan who are holding a grudge towards the player, goes in to his account and basically destroys the account which is worth atleast 500€, maybe more. Then theres a lot of bullshit and twists, which are not so interesting, maybe the player lost another account because of the actions of his "friends". Maybe he didnt. Maybe somebody was using some voodoo shit which might make people lose their jobs if it would be surfaced, maybe not. Its just internet drama. What amazes me is that on this thread theres attleast one player who have said he emptied the account. Maybe even two, im not sure. Its nice that players have got balls to admit that they fucked up, I admire that. Now comes the questions: How did you, personally (not WG) , compensate the loss to that player? What sanctions did you get from destroying a years worth of work that player had put into his account? Just a general question to all readers: You organize a party in your place, late in the evening when the party is ending you get into a verbal fight with some others and ask them to leave. Next night you forgot to lock the door, somebody comes in and breaks your 42 inch TV with baseball bat? After a week guys who you were verbally fighting are telling some strangers in a bar that they went and break your tv since your an asshole. Who should be the one getting the penalty and the who should be entitled for compensation? Edit. Some grammarmonsters.
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