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  1. Lights are great. The 59-16 is fun, though not that great unless you take the autoloader with a full gold loadout. The WZ-131 is amazing, not as great as the Bulldog, but it gets better camo, gun handling, and traverse rates. It's a little slow, though. The 132 is basically the same thing but a tier higher, and even better gun handling with the 85mm, and it gets a pretty badass 100mm. Then you hit the 120. I don't know all that much about the mediums, but I've heard that the 34-1 is ok, but the 34-2 is breddy gud. The Type 58 makes me want to rip out my pubes with my teeth, your analysis is pretty spot on. It's got shit gun handling, shit pen, shit accuracy, shit armor, it's slow, but it gets OK dpm. I'd suggest grinding all lines at once, since there's a fuckload of carryover.
  2. Fuck me I love the E-50 so much. I'm fucking garbage at the game, but I never play a match in the thing where I don't have a good time. Who thought that having retarded good gun handling on a good pen, 390 alpha gun with .3 accuracy was a good idea? Because I'm sure as shit not complaining.
  3. I found that with gas it damn near outclasses the 13 75, since it's got much better hull traverse rates, alongside better ground resists. The camo feels adequate, and the pop gun is fucking hilarious. You run out of ammo just as fast as any other french light though. It also fucking sucks at ranged shooting. I'd say to pick it up if you are looking for a tank to just diddle about in every once in a while, otherwise just buy the T54 1st. Edit: Also it's a good crew trainer and shit like that, and the 50mm frontal trolls the shit out of russian guns.
  4. You see this motherfucker in his Matilda BP? He was able to assist me in pulling my foot out of my mouth as I got rushed by a PZIVh, Church III, Matilda IV, and 2 T28's. I would pop them until they got past, he would finish the job. I wouldn't have gotten the mastery without him.
  5. We in RDDT9 run a lot of tier 6 strongholds for giggly shits, but we've taken interest in tier 8 strongholds. We have been brainstorming, and have come to the conclusion that your standard mix of IS3's, 50 100's, 13 90s are the way to go. Is there an optimal mix of tanks?
  6. I mean, do you want to trade everything the WZ131 can do for some crew training and credits, all of which the Type 64 can do better? If so, get it. The only thing it has on the 64 is looks.
  7. Why the Churchill Garbage Carrier? We need something to laugh at.
  8. Fantastic feedback. Thanks a ton.
  9. I found it to be kind of mediocre. Fantastic chassis, looks sexy, but the gun selection bends it over and fists it. The 25.8 hp/t gives you stupid acceleration, it's got fantastic ground resistances, and the traverse speed is 54 degrees a second. Shit's nuts. It feels like a litle go-kart with a handgun taped to the side. I ran it with the autoloader, and never shot gold which probably lead to my garbage-ass winrate in it, but I had a blast scooting around like a little cockroach shooting people in the ass. If you run it with exclusively gold you should be able to succeed a bit more, but the pen is still miserable. That being said, being able to run a rammer on an autoloader (1.3s inter-drum reload, 6s intra-drum) means you can eke out something like 2.3k dpm, assuming you pen. For the 57mm, you could probably have more success without gold, but it's still got the shit alpha damage, without the reload of the Type T-34. I found it to be a little irritating to have to sit there and pound shell after shell after shell after shell and come out with half the damage I would have if I were to shoot the T25/2 over there with the autoloader. In short, if you want something competitive get the T37. It outclasses it in all the places that matter. If you want something that's fun as shit to scoot around in, get this thing.
  10. That... doesn't address any of my questions. But in response do this, I agree for the most part. Gun handling's nicer, DPM is better, gives you better damage potential when flanking, but I still get 1765 dpm (without rammer/food/crewskill taken into account) with the 100mm. The 100mm also performs better with bushsniping and peekabooming at range. The 85mm is altogether a better cannon, but the 100mm suits my playstyle more.
  11. I have just short of 100 battles in the thing, rocking a 49% winrate. I held a (admittedly quite) mediocre 53% w/r in the 131, with 136 battles played. In it I run optics/rammer/vstab, with food and I have a crew that's halfway through their full skill, with Sixth Sense/camo for the first. Second skills are Camo, Snapshot , Smooth Ride, and Situational Awareness. Third I'm working on, and it's all BiA. I use the t9 100mm. I'm going to post a few replays of my average games. Malinovka My rationale here was to spot from C5, keeping them out of the forest and off that little hill in F7, while providing fire support for my platoonmates on the hill. I then rotated back to base to help them get rid of the guys in it, and hopefully try to push to eliminate the E3 that was there. I failed miserably, and followed it up with plenty of sperging. Should I have gone back to base? What should I have done earlier on to help affect the game more? Airfield Individually it would appear I had a mediocre game. 1.5k damage done with 2k spotting. In reality, all I did was leech damage, and I lit two squishy, high health tanks for like, 4 shots from something big. I really feel like I didn't do much this match. Where could I have gone, and who could I have supported to be more beneficial to the team? Steppes (encounter) I really don't like encounter, but Canteen had suggested we turn it on for some missions or something like that. This is yet another game where I get the shit carried out of me. My plan was to try to spot tanks coming across out of spawn, which I ended up doing a little bit of. Again, I felt useless this match, and only doing 1k damage with no spotting compounded that. Should I have moved towards the heavies earlier, or did I make the right decision by putting fire on the Foch and IS, staying where I was? I can normally pick out when I play shittily, and when I should have moved, but in the replays above I am having a seriously rough time picking out exactly where I should have gone.
  12. That shit's different though, it's not a 1.2k difference in alpha damage. Reading comprehension is hard.
  13. @Panzer/Cuniclarius I actually didn't do it, my buddy Cpraf did. He had originally posted it to Reddit itself, where it got bombarded with people who actually defended these fuckwits. Oh trust me, I would've, but I didn't want to wait for my reload.
  14. I guess it's arty, so it's not that bad. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Mostly innocent question, if they had said "he didnt have a t9 and we r doin misions l00l" I wouldn't have cared too much. But then this happened. >good in that teir6 >good in arty Guys, same caliber same damage amirite? THIS FUCKIN GUY. COMIN IN WITH HIS JOKES N SHIT. I could've sworn all players from Reddit are assholes. Best part though, right here. no words. whatsoever. I was almost crying from laughing so hard. It's ok, they've talked with the admins about it. (we weren't actually dead, all of us lived through the match) Can confirm. All I do is bitch about players. All in all, the t6 actually outdamaged his platoonmates with an astounding 900 damage.
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