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  1. It can get in really cheeky shots when people aren't pointing their guns at you since it has such low aim time and bloom!
  2. It's not that big, it can sidescrape because tracks, the turret is troll from the front, and it will outspot any cheeky RU med drivers running vents over optics by 40-60m depending on their crew competence. Plus it has 0 bloom, -9 depression, 3500 dpm, and perfect penetration.
  3. Lowe or Is6. More credits, or easier wins/mm. You decide.
  4. I never played the T57 pre-nerf, but if its as good as it is now (in pubs) i hate to think just how good it was. 1600 damage in 6s is pretty strong, but combine that with a 22s~ reload and fair mobility and i struggle to see how anyone could consider it 'bad' or 'over-nerfed'. It's a support heavy, and just as good as any other X.
  5. Vents or optics on 140?

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    2. Jug0sLovEn


      View range meta is over, I would rather put a toolbox then coated optics on any tank.

    3. IanSanJR


      for 62a/430/907/140/T22sr, should i put vent or optic if i had recon+bia+SA?

    4. IndependentWomyn


      Vents!  I sold all of my optics to buy ammo.

  6. I 3 marked my M46 on pure AP, because with 20k credits and no prem account i couldn't afford too >.> GL OP
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