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  1. Jeeps

    The Crew

    Cool, I may have to get this on the next sale.
  2. Jeeps

    Far Cry 4

    Wait until a croc comes out of now where and gets you!
  3. Jeeps

    Far Cry 4

    Yeah, I did feel a little bad killing endanger species and all that, maybe they could have done an alternate of using poacher skins for upgrades.
  4. Jeeps

    Far Cry 4

    They will still get you if they are close with the LMG. What technical issues, I havn't had a single problem?
  5. Jeeps

    Far Cry 4

    The 40mm Grenade launcher is so much fun, I love blowing shit up from the little chopper you can fly. And yeah the crocs seem rare, but they are there. I still haven’t left the south part of the map.
  6. Jeeps

    Far Cry 4

    So, just an FYI, there ARE crocodiles! I thought I saw one come out of the water and grap something and pull it in, but that was like the first night, and I never saw it again. Then, I was in a narrow spot in the river, and saw a propaganda poster across the water, and figured, short swim, no problem, the fish can’t kill me that fast. Well a Croc can. Also, the fish will swim in and start eating on corpses in the water.
  7. Jeeps

    Far Cry 4

    I got it a few days ago and have really enjoyed it so far. The Karma events are cool; I end up listening for random gunfire and running towards it all the time for the little cash boost and karma. Have you had a tiger chase you up a tower yet? There are mean fish too, and stuff you have to find in the water. Blowing the fish up with a grenade launcher is fun.
  8. Jeeps


    This is a load of horse shit. The US Marines used M4 mediums after Guadalcanal, and was using M4s around that time too. The M4 outclassed anything the Japanese had as far as tanks went. It was not a cheap light tank. Harry Yeide covered this in "The Infantry's Armor" Oscar Gibert covered the Marine tank usage in Marine Tank battles of the Pacific.
  9. Back up the drive and replace it anyway. At least if you have important data on it.
  10. Jeeps

    Pet Pictures

    Super cute! I saved someone’s Dog today, it had gotten out and was running around in traffic. I was able to get him back into the right yard and everything.
  11. Does that mean some of the older lights will get buffed?
  12. I've been using this guys mod, and it has most of what Sela used, I think, and you can pick and choose stuff. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/284344-093-webiums-modpack-installer-v61-9262014/page__st__400#topmost I don't think I'll bother with Sela's now that I found this.
  13. When I worked at a major video hardware and software company, my manager flew off to the Philippines on business, and a package came addressed to him. As normal we opened it, inside was women’s clothing and a Dear John letter, and it wasn't from his wife. He also had a rep in the company for liking the hookers on business trips. The same manager would buy all the new electronic goodies from out competitors, and take it home and never bring it back. We got a MacBook for testing our one apple product, and he gave that to his kid who was going away to school.
  14. With the stock turret it drifts like the old T-50 making it fun as hell to drive, but I'm having poor lucking winning in it.
  15. I know how you feel. At least for now I can blame lack of practice, and then having a kidney stone for most of a week, and playing while doped up on a anti-nausea drug and perkoset is no the best time to play. It was fun though.
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