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  1. Woah. Made it on one! #22 on Renault G1R. I guess I could make a pseudo-claim to #1 in it as I have the best winrate out of the Top 50. Feelsgoodman.jpg.
  2. Updated initial post with link to new August 2013 PP Weight Rating.
  3. You see, this is something that wasn't explained (or if people have tried, then they have failed to explain it it well) before.
  4. I warned you 2 weeks ago what would happen. Nobody payed attention to me. Anyway, I am confused about something when it comes to how the stats are gathered. I understand that based on the public api (or whatever you wish to call it), you can only get limited information. This is understood as a 'normal issue' as other stat gathering sites run into the same problems. I have no contention with that. The point of the 'penalty' for low tier play (which I do have contention with - smacks 100% of holier-than-thou attitude) is going to be based on tiers 1-3. Apparently, you get enou
  5. Like I said, WN will lose TONS of support once it is released as version 8+norm. Many clan wars clans/players will drop it once they realize that they will be penalized for playing clanwars. As I've said elsewhere, this looks like a personal vendetta against play below tier 8, smells like it, and quacks like it.
  6. A measurement stat which gives penalties based on tier is not a good measurement. There are many who will be dinged heavily by this that DID NOT 'seal club'. All this looks like - to many people, and this is sentiment i've seen from many players from many top clans - is a personal vendetta and hatred against those who do not play the same as you.
  7. Yes, I've read, and it DOES NOT ignore tier 3 and below, it severely penalizes you for every game played at tier 3 and below.
  8. You will end up losing a lot of support for WN if you put it through with the normalizer. Especially with ClanWars now requiring Tier 1's and 3's. Instead of penalizing for tier 3 and below, why not IGNORE stats for tier 3 and below? It gets rid of any 'penalties' for CW players who have to play those tanks, players who have certain premiums for crew training (FCM36 PaK40 anyone?), and only really 'hurts' players with a huge percentage of their games at those tiers.
  9. Not a slippery slope argument. It heavily dings players like myself, ITDude, and others who like to play games across ALL tiers, and not just Tier 8+. That is what we find unacceptable.
  10. No! The internet demands your capitulation on this as of yesterday and this fixed as of 30 years ago! But seriously, take your time and do it right. Anything worth doing is worth taking the time to do it properly.
  11. Obvioiusly I'm biased towards wanting a better internet-points-so-my-epeen-is-larger-score! But still, while I knew that the WN8+norm was gonna ding people who played 'too many' low tiers *aka abusing seals*, I had no idea that it would hit people like me who have a lot of games played between tiers 3 and 6 because I found tanks of those tiers that are extremely fun to play every now and then as a break from grinding up new lines. Honestly, comparing my battles to ITDude's, I have an almost identical breakdown of my tiering and amount played (because I have at least 1 tank of every t
  12. I was just curious as ITDude posted on the WGForum how to see WN8pre and WN8pre+norm on our WoT Profiles. WN8Pre looks cool, it takes me up north of 1300. WN8pre+norm almost drops me below 1000. I had no idea that enjoying a healthy mix of tanks from tier 1-10 would be penalized that heavily. After seeing that, I really am starting to doubt the "+norm" as a good metric, as it punishes those of us who do not play exlusively in tier 8-10 matches. I am still curious as to why play in mid-lower tiers is punished so heavily in the +norm formula.
  13. Even in my Bat Chat 155 (58), as hard as I try (and I do very well in it), it won't always influence the game. However, what I had to relearn to do was to play up to the strengths of my chosen arty. The Bat Chat 155 (58), for example, is great at 'spreading the wealth'. Unless you have no better shot, don't hit just one guy. Whack 2-3-4 different guys with each clip, especially if they are close to the same area. I find that when I spread my shots around like this (aside from getting more confederate's now), that I do MORE damage in the match, thus am more helpful to my team. If I concen
  14. Auto-Loaders break the game? Really? You really believe that?
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