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  1. So look at it as a long term investment. You already have it, so if these rules apply later, you get a different one
  2. Don't sell your prems. If you have them, and win one in the future, you get the gold equivalent
  3. Anyone get good loot from your boxes? I bought 5 of the megas, got flags....but first one was an Bama. Worth it
  4. Now I gotta brush up on my reading, coulda sworn it was used prior to the movies
  5. Rouge Squadron actually predates A New Hope. But for arguments sake we'll say it starts with ANH. It was the X-wing squadron that Luke flew with, led by Wedge Antilles. Don't go their mein frien. You'll awaken the Geek Within
  6. Errants covered it for the most part. I had the same qualms. Of course I'm a disciple of the books. So some of the characters rub me the wrong way. TBH they should have gone down the Thrawn wormhole for these last 3. And calling a movie Rouge one but not having Wedge, Jensen et al in it pissed me off
  7. TBh CV's are so rare that hydro is more useful. Even if you get 1 in 4 matches with a CV the hydro is still more useful. I have seen the Hindy used well in bow on situations, but I can't make it work that way
  8. Not to mention that if you're flanking torp boat style, you've become damn near useless as soon as you get spotted by anything, let alone the CV. It's actually worse when its a CV because then your torps are spotted by the CV as well.
  9. So it's no longer a vision and medium meta?
  10. I haven't played tanks in a year+, super heavies are meta again? Why's that?
  11. say wut? I love the monty. Last I checked my damage in it and the Grosser were within like 500/game. The monty is more comfortable per salvo. Doing 30k without citadels is something that almost never happens with the Grosser.
  12. I'm with you Deus. over 100 battles in mine, 87k average, 48%....
  13. The entire German BB line has flat, fast, shitty sigma, overpenning shells. It's just a matter of getting used to them.
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