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  1. My bad for the double post. I usually come on here during my lunch and the service is spotty, didn't see that till now. It would depend on how they implement it. As long as we're not pixel hunting side and rear armor I'm mostly ok with it. I don't think we should be able to pen UFP's and stuff the way we can here. Making "armor valid" by reducing the amount of shells that even hit their target is just seems silly to me. It's a bandaid. Just like they wanted to reduce the amount of sniping going on so they designed the maps into short range engagements. Does
  2. Hadn't thought of that. I agree with Archaic, I'd give up gold ammo for considerably better accuracy. It would solve quite a few of the issues. Armor becomes useful again, as do weak spots. Skilled play (aiming/knowing weak points) becomes encouraged rather than bouncing and immediately pressing 2-2. Bounces, for the most part, piss me off far less than fully aimed shots hitting the mountain peaks in the background. Plus I wouldn't have to grind credits so much from all this gold spam
  3. Im all for hiding stats. Cancer will finally stop focusing me.
  4. I realize it has to have SOME downside to the added function but even putting it at 10s per shell with the 3 seconds between each shell would make it 49 seconds for 1560 damage and still pretty rough...
  5. Ok previous comments rescinded. I didnt see the video. That reload is wayyy too long then. I dont see any reasoning that reloading 2 shells should take more than double the time it takes to load 1.
  6. I read it differently. I had read it the way that Adrian had stated but with WG it's hard to know for sure with the translations until we see a video of it in action.
  7. Where are y'all getting 1 minute? They announced like 14/16 seconds on the initial announcement. Which seems pretty good for 3/4 shells.
  8. This mechanic seems easily beneficial to anyone with half a brain to make use of it. It's an autoloaders where you won't have to wait for the entire clip to reload just because you fired once or twice. I see literally no downside.
  9. I bought 1 $40 Soviet box and won: 2x Type 59, one turned into the Lorraine 40T, and the AC1. Bought a $40 traditional and $20 Chinese box and got nothing fancy. Soviet bias confirmed.
  10. Tank gods have mercy on me for the blasphemous act I am about to commit...I....Must play arty...


    Downloaded test server, have only 10 orders and need 12 to get the 260. 4 are wasted on not doing prior cancer missions.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. snowdude21325


      so if I complete a set of arty missions for a tank, without honors that frees up 4 orders, but if I did it with honors, that would free up 5 orders?

    3. kreigermann


      As I understand it. - If used 4 orders to skip the mission, then went back to complete that mission with honors, you would free up the 4 orders you had spent on it "earn" the one for completing w/honors. So, you would put 5 orders back into the pool of orders.

    4. snowdude21325


      welp, guess it's time to buy back the m53/55


  11. You misunderstand, I'm not saying that CW tanks should be more prestigious. What I'm saying is that personal missions are activated by default and available to everyone. Complete one and the next one starts automatically. So EVERYONE is working on these missions one way or another. With EVERY player working on them, only 640 (on NA) have completed the missions. Compared to CW reward tanks being vastly more common, even though only maybe 0.5% of the even attempting to get them.
  12. I mean, I'm technically in the top 99.9% of players and I have a hard time with these fucking missions. I've been spamming meds and the now OP Foch B trying to get MT15 and TD15 done. Between MM not giving enough enemy TD's and the steam rolls they're damn near impossible for me currently. There's only 640 on the NA server. Thats not even 1% of the population and those missions have been available for something like 2 years now. They're more rare than the CW tanks and only like some 2% of the server even plays clan wars. The personal mission tanks shouldn't be THAT exclusive or har
  13. Some of y'alls autocorrect is telling me that you type Hodor way too much if it's correcting order to Hodor.
  14. Haven't played the Liberty but the mod1 is shit regardless of the MM IMO so that's what happens when you play it. I've been grinding credits in my Defender, Lowe, and Skorpion and have been doing just fine with the new MM. Ground out like 2mill credits on Saturday averaging 3k wn8 and around 60% w/r so it hasn't had an effect on my stats or credit grinding capabilities. Ok so taking the relatively statistics from above of 26.1% and 41.1%. A difference of 15%. Which sounds like its a big difference when you're talking about 15% less of your matches at top tier. But if yo
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