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  1. Tank gods have mercy on me for the blasphemous act I am about to commit...I....Must play arty...


    Downloaded test server, have only 10 orders and need 12 to get the 260. 4 are wasted on not doing prior cancer missions.

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    2. snowdude21325


      so if I complete a set of arty missions for a tank, without honors that frees up 4 orders, but if I did it with honors, that would free up 5 orders?

    3. kreigermann


      As I understand it. - If used 4 orders to skip the mission, then went back to complete that mission with honors, you would free up the 4 orders you had spent on it "earn" the one for completing w/honors. So, you would put 5 orders back into the pool of orders.

    4. snowdude21325


      welp, guess it's time to buy back the m53/55


  2. VKB crew skills? Searched the crew skill thread and nothing came up for it.

    1. Sovereign_M


      Hey its another me! :party:

    2. TheSovereign


      Pffftt youre another me! Im an OG baby.

    3. Sovereign_M


      Ah ha! Dat trade mark narcissism!  Something every Sovereign should have to one degree or another. 

      We rule, cause it what we do. :music:

  3. Does anyone know how to get the T4 christmas decoration that looks like a T-34-85? Thats ALL I need left but I dont see any recipes to make it.

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    2. Thundercrack


      I thought those recipes were all bullshit?  Seems awfully random to me.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      I found out that the formula 5x tier4 = the same in tier5 is bs. Atleast it didnt work on the snowitzer, i dunno about the christmas tree, since i just spammed combos and got it done that way.

    4. TheSovereign




      Its not that 5 of the tier 4 make a T5 of the same. Its like a handful of specific things give you something else specific. Like a cake recipe.

  4. So my contour icons for the enemy teams are always backwards since this patch. Any ideas? Doesnt matter which contour pack I use

  5. Tried playing from my current location somewhere in the middle east...How the fuck does anyone play with high ping? Im at 300 on the East server and 330 on the West server.


    If accounts were easily transferable Id just play on the EU server.

  6. Is it me or do scrubs move in THE most absurd ridiculous unpredictable ways? Perfectly leading him and.....hurrdurr he abruptly stops because his shitter sense went off.

    1. RC_Tank


      I've missed so many shots because of this




      Thats why I started using autoaim like a true sela

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