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  1. It's like this team just wanted to fail. So much to do but this V39 can't carry easily.
  2. Went up by around 500 in overall and 700-800 60 day.
  3. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/309841-new-video-explaining-mechanics-matchmaker/ These. Comments. Gave. Me. Cancer. The right side of my brain also collapsed. Starts off alright, but then it takes a steep dive from the weight of all the tinfoil. Also, some appearances by some fan favourites (think I saw ducboy in there).
  4. Would like to see this one as well as I haven't heard about how it performs after the patch. After having such a great time with the Tiger, I would want to know what I'm getting into.
  5. I didn't have much time to spend there, and what's worse is that as I was taking a picture of the Panther before leaving someone almost ruined it. I'll definitely have to revisit it and spend more time there.
  6. I have a photo of my brother making that exact same pose with that tank when we visited the museum a few months ago.
  7. Nice to see Payday 2 got up on there, but I was hoping Walking Dead would get one as well.
  8. Was against Crab yesterday. Couldn't do much with the top tier bads with a mostly stock 13 75 on Himmelsdorf.
  9. Training material? For WG forum mods? I'd like to see that happen.
  10. Defeat!, T-54, Fisherman's Bay, 01/10/13 16:58: 1,092 nXP, 4,968 dmg Not a medium player at heart, still have some of the heavy tanking mindset in me. I traded too much heath at the start thus not letting me carry later on. Also, I don't know what would have been the best angles to take while exposing the least of my hull. Not used to playing tanks with bad gun depression.
  11. Lost too much HP in late encounters than I would've liked thus not being able to reset cap and clean up the rest of their team. My team never left spawn until 4 minutes in.
  12. As I faintly recall a wise man telling me, "If good players aren't on your team, kill them." Dam pubbies in that game kept poking around corners when I repeatedly told them not to. And my anti-virus scan running causing me to lag is my excuse for sucking.
  13. Saw Scrublet then Pity. Scrubs team potatoe'd, while I potate'd when I saw Pity.
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