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  1. WN8 ..... those who have it say you don't need it. And those who don't have it say they want more of it. You have to have WN8 to think like that in the first damn place.


    1. Haswell


      I don't need WN8 or any other epeen measuring system because I don't play.

    2. BadLuckCharm


      When performance metrics are used for epeen, they're more corrosive than the harshest acid. When they are used for self-improvement (like they're supposed to) they're fine, and actually useful.

      Same damn thing, it's how it's used that makes it good or bad. Like most anything, really.

  2. If someone could be so kind as to meet up with me later tonight or another day to iron out my streaming probs. In a nutshell I have OBS setup to stream 720p at 4.5k bitrate. The problem is my stream seems to fluctuate anywhere from low 500s to about 4.2k bitrate. This then leads to my stream cutting out for the viewers. I'm hoping this is a setting issue and not an ISP issue. I have comcast and usually my ping is anywhere between 40 to 60. I'd have to update this post later with upload and download speeds because I'm at work right now. But last I checked they are more than adequate for streaming. Thank you so much to anyone who can and will help me with this issue I plan to repay you for your time for going out of your way to help me with this problem.
  3. Twitch Channel If you have nothing better to do then come on over to my channel and watch a slightly below average player win every one of his games ............ sometimes.
  4. Come hang out and watch me always win .... sometimes :Phttps://go.twitch.tv/mrwickwire

  5. How do i delete my attachments?

    1. Tarski


      Start with something you're less attached to, like a pet. 

    2. simba90


      I don't know. I think i'm more attached to my animals than I am to fellow man.

    3. MrWickwire


      Helpful suggestions come at a premium around this community. 


      One thing for certain this this world will never run out of comedians 

  6. I'm no expert at this game but this is what I see if you just want to know how you could have handled it differently. First the good stuff: 1. You paid attention to you mini map for the most part. 2. You traded damage some what effectively (I'll explain this in a bit) 3. You used your armor effectively overall Now the bad stuff: (well not too bad) 1. You did a great job killing the threat at your base but then you take the long way back to help your friends who were dying trying to cap the enemy base. 2. Not only did you take the long way you didn't analyze your mini map enough. If you had you would have realized that the remaining tanks on the enemy team were 1 Heavy tank (that was 2 tiers below you) 3 Nasty TDs and artillery. They all spell disaster for you when you are not protected by the confines of the city. Mostly because TDs have awesome Camo so it would be hard for you to spot them with your terrible view range. And further more even if you did manage to spot them and get off a snap shot for damage artillery is going to hammer you in the open. In short you should have taken the city route. Instead you tried to kill an IS2 in the open and got hit by a T30 and arty hammered you for even more damage. By the time you got back into the city again where you should have been you were pretty much a one shot for the T30. 3. You did trade damage effectively but if I had any recommendations for you it would be to take a deep breath, calm down , and try to be a little more smooth with your side scraping and poking out to take a shot. You were real jumpy and it cost you some shots not to mention some health at times if I remember correctly. All in all you did a good job but a little more analyzing the mini map to take the safest route and taking your time to not be so jumpy would go a long way for you. I'd say you did a good job all things considered but hey I'm not the best at this game I'm sure others may have better advice for you.
  7. Basically 3 tanks carried the whole team. We had 14 kills between the 3 of us but the Conq didn't want the medal I guess. Oh well let me know what you think criticism is welcome. Replay
  8. Was an awesome carry ... 3 tanks carried the whole stinking team. 14 kills between the 3 of us but no medal I guess the Conq don't like medals.



  9. Anyone having problems with MOE? My T29 has not moved from a strict 83.00% for the last 10 or 15 games in a row. Something is fishy.

    1. DHP


      Moe have been deactivated for NA, perhaps for EU aswell.

    2. Errants
    3. MrWickwire


      ok ... wondering what the reasoning behind that is. 

  10. Top 5 questions for WG:

    1. When am I going to find out where the hell that shell went? (Ghost Shell)

    2. What the F#@* is a critical hit?

    3. Why do fully aimed guns shoot the dirt they weren't aiming at?

    4. When will we finally get rid of arty?

    5. When a Ferdinand shoots a cromwell and the shell bounces harmlessly to the side as if nothing happened WTF is the point of your overmatch mechanics?

    1. TAdoo87


      This was a critical hit:


    2. MrWickwire
    3. Archaic_One


      Apparently volvo turret roof cannot be overmatched . . .

  11. Twitch dead?

    1. WorldConqueror
    2. MrWickwire


      welp no streaming for me ... don't matter I suck and nobody watches my stream anyway

  12. Am I wrong for contemplating the removal of all people on my in game friends list for not wanting to toon ? Freaking freeloaders 

    1. Silentturtle130


      If you are wanting to platoon and that is the purpose of your friend's list then why keep them on there?

    2. BiggieD61


      Why are they the "freeloaders"? 

    3. MrWickwire


      Delete them I shall ... muahahaha.


      They are freeloaders because raisins. That's why.

  13. Day of first. Played a game today and after the victory as I was admiring the stats. I noticed the super unicum from -G- on the opposite team did ZERO damage. I know we are all human but WOW. My only question is will he get put on probation or some form of punishment for tarnishing -G-'s reputation? Not sure how it works :P


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MrWickwire


      yea ... just weird to see

    3. CenturionofRome72


      Shit i do 0 damage in clan wars sometimes and i don't get kicked. It's just pubs.

    4. MrWickwire


      haha last clan I was in that did clan wars I got yelled at for doing zero damage and we were a middle of the road clan at best. :)


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