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  1. Over 20 years ago during operation southern watch .. I witnessed my first F14 mishap. An F14A caught the wire on its landing and the main gear folded causing it to crush its drop tank and catch fire. Normally that would not have been a problem but with 2x AIM-9 sidewinders, 2x AIM-7 Sparrows, and some Phoenix missles to boot ... it was a big problem. AIM-9 had a cook off time of 30 seconds this 18 year old kid had to grow up quick and fight his first ever aircraft fire. 

    I look back on my past and am now amazed at some of the things I lived through. I look to the future and wonder what else is in store before I leave this green planet.


    1. RunninKurt


      Thanks for your service. Luckily, during my enlistment, I never had to deal with anything life threatening, besides getting to fly in a bird I had worked on. 

    2. MrWickwire


      And thank you sir. Man it would have been nice to take a ride in the Cat you are lucky to have taken a ride in whatever aircraft it was. They don't do it often

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