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  1. Just passed my driving test bois! Almost got killed by a fucking BMW but, meh, what can you expect?!

  2. No more Castles...? Y u do dis WG?
  3. Leopia

    Money halp

    If you are in the UK atm then there is something called "matched betting" that I think you should look in to gash. Despite what the name may suggest, it isn't actually gambling because you are basically just using the Bookies' free bets and withdrawing them. I think it is definitely something that you should do a little more research about as it seems quite ideal for someone in your situation wanting to earn extra monies. The main service which tells you about all the reload offers and provides you with these different betting calculators and shizz is called "Profit accumulator" and
  4. Yeah thought someone must have linked it already! Just incase anyone missed it then they may catch it here instead! 8/8 is a Gr8 r8 m8!
  5. So I have just found this guy on youtube and some of his videos are fucking hilarious! ^^ His Sta-2 guide His video style is different but refreshingly entertaining! *Apologies if he has already been mentioned or whatever! Do you guys rate 5/7?
  6. A player of your level is definitely not too scrub to play tier 10s. Seriously dude, my advice would be to just continuously play your T110e5 over and over again. In it's current iteration it is definitely one of if not the strongest tier 10s in the game and I promise you that your skill level and stats will drastically increase. Take my word for it, my 140 stats are far from the best but what I learnt from playing that tank battle after battle was priceless. Good luck man!
  7. Ultimately, you were never supposed to win this game as the enemy team's top tiers were just so much more effective than your own. That being said, I felt as if for the first half of the game you had little impact from the north east such that your team just started to melt around you. Personally as soon as I saw the situation down south evolving I would have aimed to relocate to around F3/4 with the aim of getting side shots in to the advancing enemies. If you had managed to do a lot of your damage earlier on in the game then you would have stood a better chance of winning this because as a w
  8. Can confirm that IMO, this alongside them getting rid of Roastedpeanut were the best things to happen to the community in a long time!
  9. Just a thought, have you been watching http://www.twitch.tv/dechapl play at all? He seems to love his 140 (5.7k battles in it) Maybe check him out if you haven't already. He definitely convinced me to play my 140 more!
  10. In all honesty I do some of this in game but with greens and blues aswell as purples however it is entirely situational. Say, for example, i was playing a T71 and my team was mostly red except for a top tier, green ST1 player. I would consciously position myself near him to enable me to support him if need be because I acknowledge that he is basically the best chance the team has. There is only so much a bottom tier scout tank can be capable of. If there is no opportunity for scouting then I will play support for him whilst also doing my best to prevent him from getting flanked/rushed. I would
  11. Can Confirm! T20 Master race!
  12. Ill be more than happy to play a few games with you Jim, just drop me an invite whenever you see me online!
  13. Did you know that your Wikipedia page has been removed and if so do you know why? Also If you ever do visit New Zealand, I highly recommend going around the south island in a campervan. (Not as stylish as a Tog but owh well ) Literally one of the best ways you could spend a month
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