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  1. Make a list of all the missions and single out the ones you think you are going to struggle with and then start completing the easier missions first. For me that was 2 Top guns in 12 games for Union, 30 internal modules 10 games in both Coalition/Alliance, Spot/track 20 kills in 10 games for Alliance and 5 medals in 10 games for Coalition. I hadn't played any Bloc missions at the point where I started looking at completing the missions so I decided to skip that tree, I probably had 5-10 of the easiest missions done on Union/Coalition/Alliance at that point. It sounds like you should
  2. I banned Studz and Minsk ages ago and didn't look back. After reading this I decided to ban Paris and Empire's Border instead.
  3. Bought 100 boxes and got: About 38k gold Bourasqsws Bisconte ISU All tier 5/6 tanks? But only once, no extra gold for me A swarm of Locusts, like a dozen at least and a bunch of the other wee tanks as well All 3D styles, I had all of the old ones from before Didn't look at my prem days or credit before opening the boxes, but I'd guess I got about 50-100 days and 8M credits
  4. I bought 75 boxes again. Got no tier 8s, some low tiers, at least Breton and Sexton All skins 1 Girl 34k gold 72 days of prem 3M credits? Bought the same package every year and have gotten no tier 8s. I think it's rigged....
  5. I never had any illusions that I would like this tank after not managing to do well in the Charioteer. And after having played about 40 games I truly despise it. I feel the only good thing about it is the rate of fire. Harnessing the DPM feels impossible with the terrible turret rotation, low gun depression and trashy gun handling. I constantly miss shots at 100-200m when trying to minimize exposure which is really frustrating. The top speed of 35 does not in my mind make the tank mobile, although you can relocate when needed. No armor, even the "300mm" gun mantle is mostly 150mm. I do re
  6. Please do. I'm curious about how to play this tank. Although I have done better than I expected in my five games so far.
  7. Having BIA for free makes the rest of the skills a lot cheaper. Getting the 3rd skill from 0 to 100 for males requires 840k exp, for females it is only 420k. 4th skill 1,6M vs. 0,8M. I would say they are strictly better. But yes, you have to do some planning to make sure you have the right amount of females for the tanks you want them to end up in.
  8. I once boiled potatoes while playing Civ. They were black halfway through after sitting on the stove for a couple of hours after all the water evaporated. <3 Civ An other time I left my casserole in the oven overnight. It was well done but tasted a little burnt.
  9. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics#Experience_and_Credits 1 XP for each cap point as well as a bonus for each capper if you get to 100. So if you can get it all yourself you get over 100 XP. Which probably is more than you get for killing 1 low hp tank or getting one shot in.
  10. Only buy the summer camo. Over half of the maps use it. Buy tanks, equipment, crew and consumables when they are on sale. Everything except for ammo is on sale regularly. Don't sell modules that you are going to use on other tanks in the future.
  11. Yes, when if I am fully aimed and they are standing still. Also when driving in my fast tanks and have auto-aimed on the enemy. I feel it is good when you now you are going to hit or when you know you won't be aiming.
  12. I'm doing that as well. Then I get artied, which usually negates the question...
  13. The FV304 is really good for some of the missions that don't require you to do over 2k damage.
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