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  1. Boomer_Ex

    Well Dang

    I've managed to tank my 60 day WN7 by over 75 points since the holiday "events" began. The only thing keeping my computer in one piece is the fact that my overall has gone up by 30... #publife
  2. Boomer_Ex

    2000+ WN, 55% (60d) looking for a home.

    Confirming that PETCO was quick to adopt a stray such as myself, and I'm happily frolicking about, leaving my scent on everything not smart enough to move.
  3. Boomer_Ex

    Looking for people to play with..

    Hit me up sometime.
  4. Boomer_Ex

    2000+ WN, 55% (60d) looking for a home.

    This can be closed... tia
  5. How much to let you tackle my Aeon? Nah, that would mean that I have to resub, which in turn means :effort: I'll ask some of my corpies that still play if you really need it that bad (lol PL asking for free kills) but your best bet is to just head to lowsec and hit up some fw plexes.
  6. Boomer_Ex

    2000+ WN, 55% (60d) looking for a home.

    Normally inter clan drama stays in house, but since you feel like sharing, what happened to your tags?
  7. With my "early retirement" from my previous clan, and the end of the campaign on the horizon, I figured I'd put myself back on the market so to speak. What I have to offer... • Positive, team orientated attitude • Typically available 3+ nights a week for CW (worknights usually after 1800 pst) • 11 tier 10's (not counting IS-4/7 because fuck those tanks) • Constant self improvement • Not a forum warrior (I'm a terribad @ posting) What I have for baggage... • I love TK'ing bads (not without reason, but I have no plan to completely give it up) • Smacking bads that like to run their mouths I'm looking for a competitive group that likes to win at everything they do, yet that don't take honor super seriously. Clan Wars is a must, and I would eventually like to try some tournies once work slows down this winter. Anyone interested?
  8. Boomer_Ex

    Retarded sight mods

    Mine is setup a little different, but looks like this... The first color indicates the players w/r in that specific tank, while the second indicates the players overall WN rating. That way I know if I have a chance to bully a gud player that for whatever reason has a hard time in that tank, or to be cautious of a bad that might be good at nothing but that tank. If you want to setup something similar...
  9. Boomer_Ex

    What music do you listen to while playing tanks?

    I mostly listen to (insertclevernamehere)step style music, with a generous helping of EDM mixed in. Infectious electronic beat with kittehs, yes please... This seems to be the only video that isn't a shitty remix... v0v
  10. Boomer_Ex

    Silent platoon? (2000+ Wn8)

    OP is a quality player and didn't text rage on me when I performed my patented potato moves... 8/10 would pontoon again.
  11. Everyone knows that for a public kb eve-kill is more better... and since I'm :gasp: making a EvE related post, all hail our gewn overlords.
  12. Boomer_Ex

    Silent platoon? (2000+ Wn8)

    I might be up for this depending on what time frame you mainly play, and since I'm normally listening to music the no TS is fine by me. Currently grinding through the tier 9 waffle, and have an assortment of 10's I can run (just dont look at my IS-4/7 stats. I sold them long before starting my quest for improvement).
  13. It all seems to be dependent on what day of the week you have that "good" game. I got my "1st Class" on a Sunday with 6 kills, 5580 damage, and 1421 base exp. Two days later (Tuesday), I scored "Ace" with 6 kills, 3803 damage, and 1141 base exp. Gotta love that weekly reset...
  14. Boomer_Ex

    Top 10 WN8 vehicles

    Tanks sorted by >100 battles, otherwise Marder II and M3 Lee would be 1-2
  15. Boomer_Ex

    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    Dear Rex & Ziddy, I've been recently kicked from a clan because I refused to give up my right to tk, and smack talk baddies. Am I really as bad as they tried to make me feel? fin