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  1. I'm back. You can play with me. I'm still on your list it would appear.
  2. Added Added. Added, but we'll see if you get any wuv. Aaaaand you are already on it.
  3. Sad day. There was no hatred with my arty shells. TSwift will sing you a song and make it all better: I need a better camera.
  4. Just as the title states. I continually seem to leave the game after I get bored/frustrated and then come back. Quit a few months ago and been sorta playing the last week-ish or so for short periods of time. I think the last patch I played was 9.6 so since then there seems to have been several map changes. I've only been able to play the changed maps a small handful of times so hopefully whoever plays with me can give me tips and fill me in on the new meta on the maps that were changed as we play them. I generally play tiers 8, 9, and 10. The only 8 I have is a preferred MM 8 so no regular 8s for me. I don't play light tanks, TD's(unless they have a turret and even then.. eh), or artillery(unless I'm on my play4fun account). I'm pretty easy-going and generally don't rage quit after bad games or get pissed beyond belief and then play worse. I have a mic and maybe a TS if it is still up and running(not sure, friend has been paying for it lol). I am located in Illinois so I am in the central TZ. I generally play at night and sometimes into far the early AM. No offense to the baddies out there but I would like to play with people of similar skill. So with that said, if you think you'd like to play with me drop me a message here or add me in game.
  5. I was spamming T9s because I was grinding the T-54 lol. I'm done with that now so I'm game to run 9s(e50) or 10s.
  6. I was wondering who the fuck that was lol. If I don't accept someones invite it is either A) cause I'm already in a platoon. B) you're bad or C) I don't wanna play on east during super-uncium platoon hour. I also have been playing mainly 9s and 10s lately so I don't usually accept if it says pref 8s
  7. You never accepted my request so I deleted you lol. I'll send another.
  8. oh dear, you're still in my "good people" category Thank you 9.6 for the folder feature. What a great way to filter out the baddies. I feel like I'm missing something here... Oh hai. A request has been sent to you~
  9. Despite my growing friends list most of them still seem to suck. Need to replace the noobs with better players, but not TOO good, don't need you stealing all my damage like luna always does. Bumppppp
  10. Lol I was being sarcastic just giving you shit, but sounds good!
  11. I'll do that haha. I had a horrible night last night only getting 3K DPG and 55% win rate. The teams would just collapse way too fast. Solo pubbing for you..
  12. Hahah, added! The TSwift love is real. Added. Definitely need to plat with Taylor Swift. Added. Lol thanks, I was debating on updating it to some newer lyrics but I think I'll stick to how it is.
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