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  1. Add me if you like. Can run any tier except for 10. However, am bad in the ELC
  2. Add me if you like. I'm also on the Chi-To and have a couple of other tanks t6-8 in the grind as well. I'll probably be sticking to 8-9s this weekend though, to get that E-25.
  3. Feel free to add me, although I probably won't be on until the weekend.
  4. Why aren't you sending the platoon invites rams??
  5. I've been playing solo thinking that I'll take a look at clans once my stats go up, due to the reqs I'm seeing for a lot of clans. I flirted with 1600 WN8 for a bit a few months ago, but dropped back down and I've decided to see if there are any clans out there for a ~1400 / 53% player since I realized tracking my stats kind of decreased the fun of the game for me. Mainly looking for a clan that's active in tournaments and strongholds and with platoons. I don't really rage or tilt and would also prefer a laid-back community without ragers, arty-tkers, etc.. I have a decent amount of experience
  6. Add me if you like, I'm grinding a bunch of lines and am usually around in tiers 4-8. I'm typically on East though for ping reasons.
  7. If you need a reserve, I can join up. Not sure if I'll be able to play every match that night though. Only meta tier 5 I have is the KV-1. Also have the SU-85 and Chi-Nu-Kai. For Siegfried Line, my guess is that having at least one M7 specced for view range will be really important, it'll basically replace light tanks. If I had to guess, the common tanks will be M7, T-34 / Type T34, KV-1 / KV-1S.
  8. Add me if you like. I probably won't be on much the next week, but will be back after.
  9. Feel free to add me, I'm grinding a bunch of tanks from tiers 5-9. Have tanks going down to tier 2 as well (unfortunately no 10's).
  10. Unfortunately, I don't think you can get around these things in a random-team grind-based game. I feel like you'd have to move a bit up the ladder of competitive balance (something like MOBAs -> Starcraft -> perfect information, zero-sum board games like chess) to address all the issues you brought up. It's like going to the park with some balls and trying to get a pick-up basketball or soccer game going with random guys you find. The games you get will be a joke compared to even high school leagues, but WoT forces everyone to play a bunch of pick-up games as a gating mechanism into ever
  11. I'm grinding the MT-25 and VK 28.01 and am always happy to run the T37. Feel free to add if you like.
  12. Couple lines I'm grinding are at tiers 5-6. Add me if you like.
  13. Add me for platoons if you want. I'm in a pretty similar spot, no tier 10 and just got my first 9.
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