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  1. Thanks @Kolni and @Rspctd for the responses . Any input on the 6th sense one? Really can't judge whether that one is good or not compared to stacking gunstats. Is it situational or just not good enough?
  2. Hello all, So with the new ranked gamemode out, after playing a couple of days im confident i can place in league 1 without much trouble, which means that hopefully as time goes on ill have a lot of bonds to spend (after i get 1/2 of each equipment i need to juggle around) so im wondering about which directives are generally best for tryharding marks for example. Since i like min/maxing and theorizing i would love to start a discussion here about the best directives to use when people start having excess bonds. So here what i came up with so far. Would love some input from top level players (or anyone else that has something useful to add ofc). Obvious contenders: Orderly ammo rack (-2.5% loading time) Vent purge (+2.5% crew skill) Things im unsure about but seem good compared to the rest: Stabilizer greasing (+5% vert stab effect) Snap shot/smooth ride directives (doubles the skil effect if you have it, adds the skill if you dont) Increased focus (-1s off 6th sense time) The other ones dont stand out to me compared to the ones listed above, but feel free to tell me why im wrong. Maybe getting a full firefighting crew when you dont have enough skills for it yet could be good (to mount food consumable safely), but i doubt that is better than the other options. One thing to note is that the snap shot/smooth ride directives seem to give the same kind of effect as the vert stab one, which would imply one of the two is straight up better. I believe that the increase for the skills are 7.5% and 4% for snap shot and smooth ride respectively (thats what it says on the wiki so take it with a grain of salt i guess, if someone can confirm/deny please do). If im not mistaken the vert stab directive would do 5% for both turret and hull movement, so that would mean the smooth ride directive is ALWAYS worse compared to the vert stab one, and the snap shot directive would also get beaten on most tanks. Another thing to note is that for most directives the increase in effectiveness of the equipment is 25% (12.5% compared to 10% for example), but for the ventilation the increase is 50% (7.5% instead of 5%). Since vents are considered a tier 1 equipment, would that mean the vents directive is really strong compared to the other ones? Sorry for wall of text. Any input for a discussion is appreciated. The best setups will probably be widely disputed, but i mostly made this post to figure out which options are legitimate. If this belongs anywhere else feel free to move it or tell me where to post this instead . Ive seen many short discussion about the new mode, but nothing specifically about this topic yet, and I think it fits here because we could have all the purple player's opinions in one spot.
  3. Hey reluctor, Unfortunately, im no lovely purple poster but happened to stumble upon your question and i think i might be able to help a bit. Whenever I snapshot at an enemy, i try to get an autoaim on him and then angle my camera up (looking down) and zoom out. Then as i drive forward, the reticle will move towards the target over any hills/ridges in the way, then with the 3d perspective i can see when the reticle is on the target (i.e. there is nothing more in the way) and I can clutch the shot. It doesnt work if the opponent is preaimed at you though (unless you have a nice turret) since the autoaim will aim for their centre of mass and they will see you before you get the reticle on them. if the enemy is close enough, just use sniper mode to aim for their turrets to get an outline. I hope at least half of this made sense.......... Your method should work, though if you have the time id recommend always trying to aim in sniper mode to get an outline to guarantee a shot. It took me a while to figure out when to aim and when to use "cheap tactics" as described above and i still havent actually mastered it yet. PS I recommend turning off grass in sniper mode altogether since its only in the way, theres a graphics setting for it somewhere. Again, hope it helps.
  4. Thank you all for your thoughts, bought the 140 yesterday and aced it on the 6th game with the suggested setup, got killed 3 times out of 6 games but didnt lose a single crewmember apart from radioman once so im sold on it. Thanks again and may RNG be with you all.
  5. Greetings unicums of the world, First of all, if this needs to be moved to a different section or deleted altogether because i missed a similar thread about this. (I just came back from break and im bad@forums in general ). So, as a (barely) blue struggling to get into consistent purple levels, I hate that nagging feeling that there is simple things im doing wrong/could be doing better. While gameplay flaws are hard to eradicate, im working on them one by one. What i noticed though is that the top players of the community seem to run food on pretty much anything they play, switching out extinguishers and even medkits, varying from player to player. Ive also seen various variations on premium medkits but regular repair kits and things of the sort, but im mostly interested in food since the large/small kits are just a straight upgrade and are thus a matter of available credits, which for me is not important. (I want to maximise performance in t10/9, especially when grinding moe's. Any credits i have to pay ill grind). I do run food on some of my tanks, but only on the in my opinion obvious choices (STB, BC etc), so any thoughts/insights on why food is so important and what i should switch out for it on various tanks would be greatly appreciated. A general guideline or just a list of exceptions, anything will do. I understand that the opinions on this matter are somewhat split, so what im looking for here is people that really spam food on a lot of tanks as I am interested in their thoughts on it and the tradeoffs they make to run it. Does it require a certain playstyle to get the most out of food? Do I need to learn some exquisite skills to get the most out of it? Hopefully after reading the replies I can make a call on what is best for me. Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text, Seafood42
  6. We did, only time I haven't met you in E50M Kappa We wanted to challenge you in middle but we went in one by one and had an ARL, but I losing to teams like you isn't what pisses me off as you might imagine
  7. It might be a server thing, but the last 2 nights especially we came up against very worthy opposition who seemed inclined on drawing. Most teams that camp are indeed bad though, and we definately need to practise a lot so we can outskill these teams every time. I've pretty much heard what I needed, use player skill and view range where possible. It's exactly what we've been trying to do thus far, but I guess it all comes with experience. Much more fun to be had at t8 (and 10 but we can't field t10 teams unfortunately) anyway.
  8. Tank comp is very flexible cause t6, usually 2-3 croms, 1-2 64's and 2-3 T37's depending on whats availabe. Applying cap pressure usually gets us killed, especially on maps like lakeville and karelia. But from what ive heard so far we just need to improve on what we have, managing exposure well etc. It's just unfortunate that I can't really do that for everyone if that makes sense. Do you guys use FV304's in your SH? just wondering, because it seems like a good help, but might get us screwed when they have full lights.
  9. This is how we beat the baddies, but good teams either have scouts sitting near base to spot any of our scouts, or they just don't poke out anywhere at all if the map allows it. (looking at lakeville here). Whittling them down turns into trading with heavies so easily......
  10. Hello all, I recently started commanding in SH for my clan. We are mostly around 1100 WN8 players, but the thing i stumbled on was the amount of camping heavy setups we see. We like running 7 lights/cromwells with an occasional hellcat. I don't know if it's our setup, but at least half of our games a team of heavies shows up (sometimes even 1400+ WN8 clans) and decides to camp north spawn on lakeville or something similar. We are usually succesful in dealing with the really bad clans that can't even camp effectively, but when we are put up against good opponents we struggle more. I usually end up losing us the game trying to prove a point. So I would like your advice. How do you guys consistently deal with a team consisting of KV-85's/T-150's using a lighter setup? I want to keep the setup light because I really like the noncampfest games we have, and mixed/heavy setups usually ends up with me not knowing how to leave base without getting capped or seperated too much. Please give me some general tips on this. Would an FV304 do well? How would you place your tanks? Examples might help if you have the time. I don't need a strat for every map, but a general idea would help out greatly. I know I sound like a baddie, but I find the mentality of these teams ("drawing is fine, they'll come to us anyway") disgusting and I want to stop losing to asshats like this. P.S. I feel comfortable commanding at t8, because there is more to work with and effective pushing becomes more important.
  11. As was I, don't like the comet and I think E50M is great in randoms. But I like his community, one of those rare places without too much drama.
  12. I'll take on 5 E50M's in my comet anyday <3 Freaking hate the comet btw. I'm already developing a persona, I like it
  13. Decided that I needed something to do in place of staring at my tanks lately (anyone else that does this? ), so here I am. Been lurking for a while now, but just made my first couple of poasts, as I believe you call them, so this one seemed appropriate too. Let's all be friends, k?
  14. I wish you the best of luck on the journey to get better. It took me longer than it should as well, so I like to think I how you feel to some extend. It's great to see you are very honest with yourself on this, and are here to get better. If you were on EU I would have liked to play with you to see if there is anything I could do to help, but unfortunately that's not the case. With your attitude and willingness to take critisism, I'm sure you will find the help you need. Biggest tips I can give you: Know what your tank is good at, and exploit it (gun depression --> ridges, high alpha --> poking etc.) The first ~20 seconds of loading in can give you just the time you need to check both teamlists and decide your position. If the enemy has a top tier E-75 platoon, maybe you shouldn't take that agressive position in the town after all.
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