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  1. Thanks, I will check that out. I appreciate the help and input. Jedi
  2. Yea, it continues. I watch the videos on here, follow the links.. I think my game is improving. As it improves, I was actually told I should not be playing a tier 5 tank. I should "go play tier 10 with the rest of the 'people'.. no idea wtf that is about. I was like, "I have a right to play any dang tank I want..." This week... it is all about the names as well.. heh Today alone I have been in 8 games. I said GL.. they call me a name I cannot type on here. I shoot someone, I am told I am a stat padder and hacker and names.. I am just trying to drink some coffee and play a couple easy games with my fav tank. I am ALL for playing different tiers, when I get people to play with but no friends online atm. Man.. makes you want to reach thru the screen and just beat the crap out of them. Jedi
  3. Good to know it is "normal" heh.. makes me think having crappy stats was a little less annoying.. heh.. nnnnaaahh Jedi
  4. But isn't it fun to do that once in a while.. you know.. telling someone something nice? One guy pm'd me once to appologize for "not being able to support you" I was taken back. I know a lot of people with "good stats" are looked at as elitest and "we carry the team" types.. but I replied, Dude.. you did what you were supposed to do. Don't be so hard on yourself. I needed eyes. You are a heavy. you went in, without being asked, and you did a job were should not have had to do. We lost.. but WE took out half the team. You did a hell of a job" and with that, I made a new friend. It amazes me how much more fun this game becomes for people that get treated with a little dignity and respect. Yea, I rag on people that rag on me.. but I'll be damned if I am going to treat anyone less than I would want to be treated... even if it is a game. Jedi
  5. You know.. it is the GOOD players I get along with.. well, with one exception. I was playing Saturday and some guy goes "report the T67 for being a bot" .. I looked around and was like, "uh.. me? I am not a bot" he goes, "you are behind the arty" I looked around.. "uh.. no I am not. I am a TD.. I am behind YOU." They wanted me to go charge the ice road.. I was like, "dude.. I am a TD.. what the hell are you talking about?" Unfortunately.. that was the one time I let myself get drawn into a discussion and by the time I relalized the people that DID go up the ice road were dead and the rest had just rounded the corner. I was toast... heh We lost.. and I screwed up and got side-tracked, so yea.. I was a noob that time... but wow.. gold user, you bet.. bot? that was a first.. heh It's all good.. just was curious if you all deal with it too. Guess it is the price you pay for trying to play better. Jedi btw Weeesh.. nice comeback on the stats. Wtg. That is awesome dude... Jedi
  6. I need to really grind out a better tier 6-8. My only tier 7 are premiums a SU-122-44 (I think that is the TD) and a AT-15? I forget. The AT-15 is funny because it bounces a lot from red players that do not know better, but the 122 seems to have issues penetrating stuff. My tier 8's are a JPanther II I think and a Jagd 8.8. I rarely play the 8.8 as it is tier restricted and does not do the dmg of the JPanther. The JPanther.. had a good weekend with it though. It's all about getting good platoons with those I think. I would not take them out solo right now as I am not usedto those ones as much yet. I probably need to work on the T29 as that one is a good tank to have. I am trying to go thru the T57 line, but am worried about the T71.. or is it the T37.. I think it is the T71 that is the light tank. I am not as comfortable with the lights as I need help learning how to play those better. I am a TD/Heavy type. Jedi
  7. I'll tell you the one that did not make sense was being told I had no right to be in tier 5. I should go play tier 10 with the rest of "those guys" I was like, "there are a "those guys" group?? What the hell? I lose a lot too! Look at my win rate. The win8 goes up.. win rate goes down.. that tells you I can't win this game by myself. Why do I have less of a right to play that tier than anyone else? I pay my premium.. I enjoy ALL tiers.... Just made no sense.. heh Thanks guys! Jedi
  8. Aaahh ok, gotcha. Well, one or two PM'd me. I generally set them to ignore/blacklist as soon as we get out of a battle just so they do not send me a PM... but one got thru and I tried to be nice. I was like, "hey.. you did awesome. You almost got me too, but I got lucky." that was met with all caps and something along the line of "BS! blah blah blah, you hack and suck etc." I just replied, Well, I tried to be nice, but bottom line is you got them and you sucked and did not get me too. Life goes on... for me" and blacklisted him. Another guy in a T67 raged at me yesterday and I finally had to say, "well.. I am in a T67.. you WERE in a T67.. I have some skillz...you have a free keychain you got from the barmaide in the spectator lounge while ordering your little pink umbrella drink. Have a nice day, loser." and then the game was over. That gave me a good laugh. I am not as good as many of the players by far...they were just worse or less lucky and the T67 dude .. that was not ME so much as it was the fact my TEAM was keeping them busy and I sat back and picked them off one at a time. I realize it is a team effort... they do not. Anyway, thanks.. heh.. I normally do not care, but man this week was full of people raging on me. One game, I died without a ton of damage...decent win8.. but I was in a spot I thought would be good...turned out it did not have a good fallback location. Live and learn.. but I caught hell for that one too. No good deed... heh Ok.. back to the game Jedi
  9. Allright. I come on here, I ask questions. I read as much as I can that you guys give me and I listen to some very helpful people. I think my game is improving. So.. I have good days and I have bad days in pubs. On the bad days, I try really really hard to not "blame the team" as there are many times it is just as easy my fault. On the "good days".. well, suffice to say I have been called every name in the book. This week was the hardest week I have had since I started playing this game. I got called so many names I had to disable chat, but then I turned it back on because I could not talk to anyone. Do you guys get called a lot of names when you do well? I had like 6 people push a flank... shot the hell out of everyone there. I rolled back and shot all 6 people. Now, they were wounded, mostly.. but I was not rude. I was not mean.. omfg.. you thought I had shot their dog and kicked their mom in the head. I tried to be nice.. I tried to be friendly, but eventually had to blacklist them. Okay.. one guy yesterday caught me in a bad mood and I antagonized him after he would not shut up.. heh.. but I try to take "the high road" for the most part and usually to no avail. Hell, even my own team was being jerks in one game. Is it like this with all of you? I almost wished I had bad stats. I am pretty thick skin.. but hell.....these people can be total jerks. Sorry... /rant off Jedi
  10. It is a re-roll. My main account is: UCME I created this account and did not really play it much. My intention was to make a second account for our 'secondary' clan, just to have some fun. What I found was less stress etc. When I had UCME, we had Team Company battles and I had many a day where I sat there going, "I swear.. I can play.. give me a chance" and would get booted time and time again because UCME did not have the "stats" showing in game. Did not matter that I had a good and climbing stat, they did not go to noobmeter or wotlabs to check that out, all they saw was a 38 or whatever it was that showed. So.. I would either get booted from the room or not picked, when I could not find a platoon. Short story long, I wanted to play.. so, just jumped on Jedi to pass time and found I was doing well AND it showed. I still play UCME, and have fun with him, but I found myself enjoying the game more with Jedi. Sure, I get called names because I "re-rolled" but the stats were earned by playing hard and coming here, asking questions and are almost identical to what I was getting with UCME for a while now with the big exception of...since I started coming here...watching the videos, asking for guidance.. JEDI has improved dramatically...while I have barely played UCME....but I earned the stats. I did not play all gold tanks, but I did recently buy some albeit I am not using them much as I do not plan to convert a ton of XP.. just want to grind some better tanks out, they were just on sale. Every game, I go out and I work hard to play well and be effective. Most people have more than one account, I have found. Like I have stated before.. with UCME...I was at over 4500 games before I even knew tank characters had skills. I did not do a lot of clan wars and only started really learning the game when I left the last clan and decided to come here to learn how to play. Anyway, you get the idea.. heh Yes, re-roll. Main/other acct UCME thanks.
  11. Oh, the win8 is just a way of guaging my progress, not the end all be all, but I hear ya. At the end of the day, win8 does not matter to me as much as knowing I helped my platoon out. For instance, in one game, I got a lot less win8 but I killed a guy that was trying to kill one of my platoon and then scared off the entire other side long enough for my team to win the opposite side and come around behind. So, while I have fun seeing a win8 at the end, and I do use that as a measure of whether I am progressing i.e. being effective, it is not my goal in the actual game. I found that when I focus too much on a good win8, I can sometimes end up taking risks I would not normally take...thus, getting the exact opposite. I also guage the "scream factor"...i.e. how many names I can be called for reroll, wallet warrior, gold shooter, blah blah blah. Oh, I also do not shoot all gold anymore. I have swapped to carrying about half and half or less and only switching to it depending on the tank that I cannot pen etc. That saves me money and makes me think about each shot and where I am shooting vs just clicking and penning due to gold (which is not always the case as in a PZ B2.. I hate that tank.. heh) I do enjoy my T67 though.. heh. Moving up, bought the Wolverine.. man did I have that tank figured wrong. Took a few games to change how I perceived that since I had never played it before. Jedi
  12. So... thought I would give a status to the folks that have been helping me. 1 - Good days and bad days. I find that they even themselves out if you actually improve your skills. That does not mean I enjoy the bad days.. heh.. they suck.. but I go watch videos and live feeds and see what the better players are doing and learn when I need a break. 2 - I started working my gun depression a lot. I do less popping out and more "looking over the edge" and that has helped. 3 - I stay alive. That does not mean I am not getting killed, it means I am less concerned with getting one more shot as I am with staying alive to get 3 more, if possible. None of this is "written in stone" , I still make stupid mistakes and things that make me want to beat the hell out of my monitor.. lol.. and I still get bad MM at times.. it happens. This is a long process to improve. There are days when my win8 plummets because I was either stupid or had the worst luck. Yesterday, I could not buy a win, but I had a heck of a good win8 day...i.e. I was doing damage, staying alive, killing things, and such. Then there are days I get great MM and we in time and time again but I can't get dmg because the team I am with is so darn good or the team I am playing is so darn bad that the game goes by super fast and BAM.. over and me sitting there going, "can I shoot something?" lol. But.. taking all you are saying to heart and working on each aspect over time. So.. just a thanks for the help Will keep working at it! Jedi
  13. Ok.. got it.. side hug him. I will work on that from now on. Thanks! I did not mean to..... we were in a 2-tier difference battle and the team waffled. We had a great game and this guy was the only one alive. He ended up killing like the last 4 of us. I thought I would go around the other side as he had sat back in the back all this time and I "needed to move" as we were running under 3 minutes. Then he picked this time to run up "the other side". I ran smack dab into him and tried to keep him busy but the other two people alive did not take advantage of it. They were right around the corner and could have side shot him when I tracked him.. but they sat there. Then they died. Jedi
  14. lol... just curious if there was something else I missed. One hit.. ggrr.. heh Ok, thanks guys! Jedi
  15. Okay... there are many times you go toe-to-toe with a tank....knowing when to face hug vs back off and shoot. What are your tips? Last night, I was in my T67 vs an E25 and, frankly.. should have won. He was red, I was not. He was damaged, I was not. I bounced 2 shots that should not have bounced. I should have aimed better.. or something. I could nto avoid him. What do you do in these situations? This cost us the game. Need to figure out how toe-to-tow works and how not to be the guy going, "wtf?" Jedi
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