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  1. I gave it a try, I feel it's like playing a dumb-down version of tanks. Something for kids for example , it didn't grab my attention too long.
  2. I tried Modern Warfare warzones... nope can't do it... World of Warships seems relaxing enough though it isn't as engaging as Tanks, so I need to find something in addition to Warships and I think I'll be set.
  3. Some good points here. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I hope if I ever do come back it isn't because of the addiction but rather out of desire. One thing I have going for me is persistence, so I'm hoping this applies here and thus I won't come back in a couple months. I am expecting a new born soon so crossing my fingers that keeps me away. Regarding the playerbase, I have a hard time believing I am more jaded. It's possible but in my personal life I've matured quite a bit and it shows in how I play versus my college days where I raged constantly and broke a keyboard or two. To me, it isn't about the playerbase being bad, we all know they are. It was also proven using a stat website that the playerbase (comparing only WR) has remained within 0.1% for the past 5 years. I wasn't surprised. Where my issue lies is with the toxicity AND deflecting. Back in the day bad players either claimed luck or knew they were bad. Today it's either rigged or any other excuse under the sun. I mean common, people actually believe spending money in WoT gives you better statistics. It's gotten out of hand. Who knows what the future might bring, but I am desperately searching for an alternative.
  4. I'm trying. Started looking for other games that can satisfy a long-term desire of being able to play on/off for years. To me, that's the hardest part. With WoT, because of all the tanks and maps, it doesn't get repetitive too quickly. It's interesting to put effort into searching. I did, after college, 5-6 years ago take an almost 18 months break from WoT, but I recall it was a time when massive amounts of A titles were being released. Today, I find few that really keep my attention. I did give CoD:MW a try but its too fast paced and the battle royal mode, generally I get one kill and then die, you spend 5-6 minutes running around the map for about 10 seconds of action.
  5. Fellow purples, I decided to uninstall WoT, for me uninstalling isn't something I do lightly. It made me sad which is why I'm writing to you about it. I feel by doing so I can put this game behind me. Also not sure if some of you know me or have played with me but if you want to keep in touch and/or play games together message me and I'll shoot you over my steam ID. Let me apologize for this long post, I will try to make it as small as possible whilst getting my point across. A few things happened today which are in essence a summary of my pains these past 2-3 months. With the corona virus going on and my (sadly) reduction of hours, I've had more time to play and with that I've realized some pretty big issues not only with the game, it's playerbase, but also myself and how I interact with games. Today: 1. Tier 8 Heavies (played a variety) shelled constantly by arty. Generally one arty doesn't bug me. Two, depending on how accurate they are starts to cross the line. Three is unbearable. Luckily today I haven't had 3 arty hit me but I've had x2 M44s chip away at my health. In a slow heavy being perma stunned is itself the worst goddamn feeling in this game. No matter how good your crew, food, bounty equipment, whatever... it renders your tank useless. Equivalent of playing with a handicap, forcefully. How is that in any way / shape / form remotely "fair" ? I started to really challenge this game's ability to be fair in just the basic forms. Arty is by far the best example of how fractured the logic of this game's tank classes are. People don't use arty for what it's meant to do. Why would they? Humans don't act like binary robots. They see a target they shoot at it, what's worse is RNG rewards those who take impossible shots, because luck sometimes plays a role and rewards players for doing so. 2. WoT playerbase, I struggled with this one for a long time. I had always thought I was being some sort of prick. Last months through various posts / threads on the forums and in-game toxicity I've come to realize how daft the NA server overall player base really is. I say NA because I spent 3 months in Germany and started an EU account and you don't see half the shit in EU than you do in NA. I really don't know why. Maybe its the language(s) diversity? Most bad players really believe they aren't the problem, conversely to them, it's everyone else's fault, always, every time, with any and every excuse imaginable. What's worse is how this is portrayed in the forums. When someone decides to complain about arty, I've seen that person met with overwhelming toxic banter from players who CLEARLY have absolutely no idea of simple game mechanics. Further, when you try to explain to them just that, you are now suddenly arguing with several others who are all in the same boat. This has pissed me off more than anything else the game had to offer. 3. "Bad" Teams, to simplify this, it ties in with playerbase but it goes deeper. I look at my Wn8 and sometimes I'm baffled. How can I be over 3k when I feel the games are too quick and 80% of the time I don't do well (enough). Yet you look at some of these players on these teams and you can't stop to wonder... WTF do they do in a match? How is sitting in the back for 14 minutes, then doing 1 shot of damage fun? Or inversely, YOLOing, doing no damage and dying in 2 minutes. How do people continue to do this time and time again over several thousand battles? I played a string of games today where I died mid-way if not at the tail end of the game, majority of those games, I looked at what I did in terms of how bad did I cripple the enemy, and assess the likelihood of winning based on my team's position and tanks remaining. I called a win 6 times. 5 out of 6 were losses. I had to look at the replays, it is mind blogging how bad people can play this game. I really feel my 7 year old nephew could play better. 4. The big picture. Looking at the equipment 2.0 system just hit the nail on the head for me. WG doesn't seem to understand it's playerbase, either that or worse, the majority of the playerbase are feeding WG "mis-information" of what is truly needed. Hence, since the majority are just shit, WG will implement ideas which the majority will either appreciate or benefit from. I can't fathom the idea of arty being MORE accurate than it already is. It really saddens me to leave especially when I think of how great this game is, it's ruined by it's playerbase. This is a complicated game, one that really forces you to use your brain, but the majority don't either because they can't or worse they are too lazy. Thus you get this toxic community of 45%ers who blame the team for a loss each and every time. I can't do it anymore.
  6. Friends, I'm hoping I can come here for a sanity check. Being stuck at home because of the virus, I'd had a ton of free time and thus prowled the WoT official forums. Naturally I got into some discussions, some heated specifically about anti-arty threads. At first I didn't venture into anti-arty topic at all, more so just calling out the "oh this is a whinning thread" posts and disprove their logic when indeed the thread wasn't whinning at all. Then discussions ensued about why arty is balanced and my attempt to disprove it. This is where I lost my sh!t, not because people had different opinions but rather because a 44%-er wrote this elaborate post to which my response was - in summary "how can you say all these things when you clearly don't understand game mechanics" - several posts later I realized you can't convince this person of anything, he'll just refute til the end of time. I mean this went on for a while. At some point I said you don't ask a high school life guard to diagnose a patient, you as a doctor and then some other guy wrote a novel of a post and after reading it, I felt I had lost brain cells that I was dumber having read it. Really bad players really feel that they can chime in and spew elongated posts which say much but mean nothing on the topic. That got to me. So I ask you all, do you feel the same way? If no, is it me? I noticed two things, one I don't see many purples post there and two the ones I see post generally seem to stay away from those kind of topics. I've decided to not go back to the WoT forums, it gave me anxiety.
  7. Gents, I'm looking for some info/tips/tricks for some tanks I have collecting dust in my garage. The biggest question is primarily, are they relevant? 1. T32 2. Type 62 3. Tiger I 4. Borsig Thanks !
  8. Reppic27

    AMX 50 120

    I must be the luckiest shit out there in this tank. 45WR in it and ironically I am #8 on the hall of fame. Or was... point is ... I can't win no matter what I do and it frustrates the shit out of me. I want to get to the 50B but I can't master this damn tank. I can't win.
  9. The issue with VIII is the fact that so much more information is needed to really make the movie make sense... In VII much more information was needed about Fin, unfortunately the movies didn't provide it all, books and comics did but like VIII if you didn't know of the comics/books/games you're missing some KEY things. For example, the Dreadnought, gravity bombs, why? Well apparently Battlefront II DLC campaigns answers that "somewhat". In the game you steal plans on the Dreadnought and how to kill it. Not explained in the movie. Rey's parents... disappointment yet it doesn't make sense. I re-watched VII before and after VIII and there are so many cues that Rey and Ben are related. But if that's the case did Han and Lea know? Doubt it, their love for Ben was so apparent that there is no way they would ignore the fact they have a daughter, unless they didn't know? Mystery... hopefully Ben lied to her and she isn't the child of useless people. Lastly, the movie is slightly different than the books in the regard. Luke's X-Wing in the water. Relevant, absolutely, given enough information? Nope.... I had to research this one, found an exert from either an article or a book about why the X-Wing is in the water, apparently it is destroyed, Luke destroyed it and used parts to facilitate his living. Very unnoticeable but most of his equipment and the hut doors are from the X-Wing. The movie portrayed this as a symbol of "he can't leave look his X-Wing is under water!" But us SW die-hard fans know Luke can easily pull it out of the water (Hello Empire Strikes Back!). Snoke... ah this one was interesting. We know nothing.... I tried to research ANYTHING and found an interview with a writer, who said if you look at the Emperor specifically, in IV, V, VI we knew nothing of him until I, II, III so they are following this sort of plot. His death though was.... very disappointing however theorists believe he is Darth Plagueis with his special ability to reincarnate. Who knows. The writers just confirmed that it was necessary for him to die to Ben/Kylo can ascend into full power. Phasma's death was also a "WTH" moment, unfortunately I don't know much other than the comics/book portray her as a big deal in the SW cannon, for her to die so quickly feels wrong. But we don't actually see her die,maybe she'll be back? Luke's death... Probably the most controversial scene. We were given a hint that projecting himself across worlds is very intense and can kill a man (beginning of VIII), but he died so abruptly afterwards... and apparently... what he say caused him to die (or be at peace). But what did he see? Well we see two suns, homage to Tatoonie's "sunsets". But I had a friend say he saw a spec in the larger sun, and after we re watched the movie, I can confirm. Something is there in the distance...what is it ? And why did it cause Luke to be at peace (die).
  10. I stopped playing my FCM because of the MM. One day prior to this decision I record all the games I had with respect to the tiers I saw. Tier 9 was the top of the list by almost two-thirds. Then came all tier 8 games. Granted a tier 9 match isn't the end of the world BUT it is difficult to carry teams in tier 9 games when everything pens you. So I stopped, just wasn't fun in that tank. I agree with @Fabunil. It wasn't a great tank but at least when I had bought it, in the right hands you'd be very effective, but it needs a team...one which can hold a flank long enough. Can't tell you how many times today within 4mins I realize half my team is gone... Today it isn't as effective, it isn't as flexible, it isn't as great. I hope one day they do something with it.
  11. Same here, I still laughed hard.
  12. Are you absolutely sure? I starred at them side by side and it looks closer to the VKM, but maybe I am mistaken. Also the model looks slightly smaller than the Panther. But I could be wrong.
  13. Hi All, I need some help understanding a few things. Looking at all the 3 tanks mentioned in the title, why does the Pudel look more like a VK3002 than it does a Panther. The description says the Pudel was a captured Panther, therefore shouldn't it be near identical to the stock model of the Panther? The VK002M was the prototype so I am assuming it never saw combat. Further it doesn't seem to stand at the same height as the Panther anyway according to tank inspector (visually speaking). So I'm just confused. Maybe I am missing some historical importance? My last question is where could I find a very beginning friendly guide on how to make the Panther fully upgraded (or even the VK3002M) visually look like the stock Panther for historical accuracy? I have a thing for the WWII Panther. Thanks !
  14. You know, I asked myself if they would implement some separation... and I said "yes they would" - my bad for assuming WG can common sense.
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