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    Reppic27 got a reaction from crapcannon in Pub life: Love it when you're scouting in obvious spots, you light up half their team   
    Yep. I tell my friends scouts are the hardest class to play... because you are dependent on 14 other players having an IQ above baboons.
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    Reppic27 got a reaction from capt-jay in SchnitzelTruck (1:28:36 PM) "too many shitters" SchnitzelTruck (1:28:49 PM) -does sub   
    I don't think it is hate and/or rage making his grammar worse... but rather his overall lack of intelligence. Frankly, this game is top when it comes to how idiotic some of its player base can be. Never had such issues in WoW, GW2, or SWTOR.
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    Reppic27 reacted to An_Arty_Player_Hits_You in I played some tanks today.   
    now talk in our discord again !!!!
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    Reppic27 reacted to Flaksmith in Did I ever give you my steam?   
    holy necro, wtf dude
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    Reppic27 reacted to Nuttydave1234 in Lifting the Jeep HYPE. Nice clean WJ.   
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