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  1. Come to our TS to chat and platoon with us: awfultankers.typefrag.com:9987 poke me, _Cookie or some officer who looks somewhat capable of moving a mouse for TS tags The rumour on the street is that we are in top two in a category of "the sexiest platoon focused clan"™. Hmmm... couple of our recruiters and one guy in the top management do look pretty ugly.... We need to do something about that...
  2. Oooops! Lamborghini Murcielago LP460 hits tree during [Sydney's expensive suburb] Vaucluse test drive: "The car mounted the nature strip and hit a tree, uprooting it. The stump and the tree itself damaged the car. The driver was the car’s owner, who was trying to sell the car to the prospective buyer in the passenger’s seat. Both men were unharmed."
  3. AWFUL We do platoon, strongholds, tournaments, campaings and but no CW (well maybe some battles). Our recent WN8 requirements is ~2600 so you'll fit right in. Come and say hi @ teamspeak.awfultankers.com:6465 http://awfultankers.com/ I'm usually online early AM North American time, so platoon up.
  4. _IK_ is a great player. Give him a good new home.
  5. NSW Australia police Aston Martin Vanquish Volante
  6. This is how Mort's cat looks like after a night out...
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