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  1. I've played the T34 around ~450 games, I hate it. I recently bought the FCM 50t and I much, much prefer it. It has the mobility so as to not be completely painful every match, it's got pref mm so no tier 10 games, and pretty much only needs gold against ST-I & E75 fronts so the credit making is far superior to the IS-6 IMO. I was tempted by the CDC but would say the FCM is the far better choice as it's virtually the same tank and doesn't meet those t10's. Of the prem tier 8's I own: IS-6 is the most fun. FCM is the best credit maker & decent fun. T34 is decent, but t
  2. All the best with your new stronk klanu, Water! Hopefully catch you around & in SH!
  3. The best way I have found to improve is by observing the best. There are masses of Youtube and Twitch channels which can help you here, watch them play, try to observe what they are doing, and WHY they are doing it. Look at the positions they take, how they are angling their tank, when they are pulling back, where on the tanks are the aiming (weakspots), are they prioritising targets. WoT is an immensely in depth game that even I am still learning. Also practice makes perfect breh.
  4. So your choices: If you like the T29, transfer over your T29 crew to the T32 / Pershing and start training a crew in your T29 again. Just put new crews into the T32 / Pershing and train them from scratch. There's no shortcuts man, you have to grind those crews. That's why I suggested you grind thm in tanks you can tolerate, then transfer them later.
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