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  1. There's a very easy way to save 100 on Windows by sailing the high seas See Carbon's post Don't get a semi-modular power supply, you might as spend more now on a modular gold so you can deal with minimal cable management and use it for future builds.
  2. One of the three shorts (I think 2022) that they released in a lead up to the film premier shows Wallace talking to a group of people. He states "My Replicants will never rebel, they will never run, they will simply obey". He's found a way to make them completely subservient as opposed to Tyrell's Nexus 4's, which went rogue in the first movie. Still more of an iterator but impressive regardless.
  3. I don't think people had realistic expectations if they expected it to do really well. It's an expensive sequel to a niche sci-fi film that most people haven't heard of.But I think anyone who found the original even somewhat interesting would enjoy it, as I did. The soundtrack was fitting and the visuals were euphoric. @AdrianK I think Leto might have gotten Suicide Squad levels of screen time here. Keep in mind Tyrell wore very thick glasses in the original, it's fitting to make Wallace blind in this one.
  4. Binning threads because people ask what we think are stupid questions isn't really the right path to go (not without a non-snarky explanation). The official forums will have people answer "it's not that good of an upgrade I got to the Tier X just using the stock gun you should be fine hurr durr" followed by whatever other mess the official forums have. I think people who are new to this forum would appreciate us being less snarky and elitist to newcomers. OP could have meant to ask how much he could look forward to the upgraded gun for all we know.
  5. One feature that seems to be exclusive to OnePlus is their inability to keep promises. OP2 was slated to get Nougat and they just ditched it. That move killed any chance of me considering them and solidified them as just another crappy Chinese company.
  6. I probably have the most anomalous graph for WN8.
  7. Your flagship options for Android are pretty much the S8/S8+/Note 8, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1/XZ1 Compact/XZ Premium, HTC U11, or wait until the new Google Pixels. All of them are pretty pricey right now. You can probably watch some quick Youtube reviews to gauge what you want to be honest. If you can play around with them in a store, even better. I'd find something to hold out on until the Pixels are announced and then make your decision.
  8. All these dead people coming back maybe the rare and elusive nas will show up
  9. inbox has space <3

  10. @CraBeatOff Please tidy your inbox so I can PM you about how afk we've been
  11. Top 10 saddest anime deaths
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