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  1. Some excellent deductive Sherlock Homing if I say so myself.
  2. Pretty much this. It can easily hull down gentle curves/hills with its gun depression and once that happens good luck trying to pen it from mid to long range because people generally can't apart from lucky hits. It also doesn't help that I find myself loading gold rounds to pen the cupola because I don't want to risk bouncing standard. I tend to move forward and back while moving my turret around and it makes it very tricky for people to hit.
  3. If you're the team captain you can probably pm dance to remove him from the team. There's no way you guys can replay the matches though. Sorry about the loss in that respect
  4. And then get ripped apart for photoshopping that you have none
  5. Ben pls fuck off. If he doesn't have purple poster tags he can't post in the purple poster replay section. The only other section his replays can go in is the Epic Pubbie Battles or whatever it's called (name change probably overdue), no matter how good his gameplay is. I'm honestly up for a rework of all the sections but it's not like this place is really super enthusiastic as it was before when it came to gameplay and stuff.
  6. Thin bezels, preferably metal chassis, doesn't look like an Apache a keyboard. I'm not looking for a Macbook clone but it's gotta look nice. I just don't prefer the aesthetics of any of MSI/Gigabyte/etc. offerings. Not to mention I think they'd be bulky to carry around. When you buy a Mac you're not paying extra for elitism, you're paying extra for the brand, build quality, and support that a lot of other OEM's can't really match. I've never thought of shelling out that much for a Macbook ever but I can understand why some people do. It's just a really polished experience.
  7. Probably gonna go for the Zenbook (or wait to see if they put a new GPU in it by August). Discounts on Microsoft Store -> $1100 for i7/512GB/4k screen, don't think I can find an XPS model that beats that for the price.
  8. Appreciate all the input so far. Probably shoulda mentioned this but I'm basically moving dorms and I'm not sure if there's gonna be space for a desktop (or if my new roommate would appreciate one taking up the space) so I'm gonna be relying on this. I'm not gonna be playing anything super intensive, but it's also gotta be portable and have decent battery life, which is why I'm eyeing the Zenbook or XPS. I just think the MSI/Gigabyte's would be a bit too heavy and their aesthetics aren't my preference. By August we should definitely know when the new mobile GPU's are out though.
  9. I haven't found anything better than a 960M that also looks nice though <_>
  10. Not sure I'll be able to always be near desktop with my schedule next year.
  11. I already have a decent gaming PC. I'm moving to a different dorm soon and will probably be weaning off my desktop, hence the need for a new laptop.
  12. Hi all, I have a ~$1500 budget and need a new laptop with the following specs: - 15 in. screen (no more, no less) - Core i7 - GTX960M - Still somewhat portable - Decent battery life - Doesn't look like an F117 with a keyboard (so somewhat nice looking) Unfortunately the last two points pretty much rule out anything from MSI/Gigabyte (personal opinion is they look terrible) and I found myself between two choices. The ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501VW or the Dell XPS 15. Both satisfy all of the above so at this point I'm having some trouble choosing. The Zenbook doesn't offe
  13. veganzombiez #3
    Posted Today, 12:58 PM
    May 23, 2016
    A treasury withdrawal limit of 5,000 gold per day to a player's account has been implemented. 

    lol rip 

    1. dualmaster333


      Wow clan league payouts are gonna be 5k a day for like 2 weeks...

    2. Assassin7


      Rip, no more with the dank 5.2K payouts like I got the other week.

    3. mereelskirata


      No more dank 52k payouts like I got last season.

  14. 263 grind isn't really fun when unless you can get yourself to be proficient in camo sniping, which is becoming more and more difficult to do on most of the maps. 263 > 268 at the moment though.
  15. Aqua must lead a busy life no surprise he no longer plays World of Tanks.
  16. Yeah. I was gonna say, if she knows how to use 7 then she'll know how to use 10. There are no random gestures that you needed to learn like in Windows 8. I think if you have a student e-mail (.edu) you can get Newegg Premier free for a year.
  17. _Dia

    Dawn of War III

    Consider pulling the cactus out of your ass already.
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